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Yawning – why it happens!

Yawning and why it happens.

I read this article from the Dr Mercola website and found it rather interesting. Of course everything I put on my website is interesting to me but of course not always interesting to everyone.
This subject I thought you may want to know.

Apparently yawning starts before we even leave the womb. According to a Princeton University researcher , yawning performs, the important function of cooling your brain.

The belief is that as the ambient temperature of the brain increases and approaches body temperature, yawning should increase as a result.
The researchers’ hypothesis is as follows: when you start to yawn, powerful stretching of the jaw increases blood flow in the neck, face, and head. The deep intake of breath during a yawn forces downward flow of spinal fluid and blood from the brain. In the last phase, the cool air breathed into the mouth cools these fluids.

In previous research it shows the brain temperature increases when you are sleep deprived. Thus we yawn more with exhaustion the study also suggests that excessive yawning may be a symptom of increase brain and or core temperature such as central nervous system damage.

There is much more to be discovered about exactly why virtually all mammals yawn.

Very interesting and if you want to read this article in-depth go to
ZME Science

Dr Mercola

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