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They Were Honorable In Defeat


They Were Honorable In Defeat 

Author Lesley Voth

At 8am for the last two weeks, cup of tea in hand ready to go
Watching the America’s Yacht race in San Francisco

Tensions have been high as each race exciting
It looked like NZ had it, it was so nail biting

But unfortunately after a stellar effort, NZ were defeated
More money for greater technology, made USA’s boat faster, I felt some what cheated

What ever the reason It made NZ sad but we are very proud
When they get back the celebration will be colorful and loud

We have all shed tears not because we lost but we could see the pain
For our own tearful skipper Dean Barker who fought so hard to make that one race gain

He is so proud of his mates, supporters and his great team
They are all the best sailors, they fought hard, they are the cream

We are a small country, and we came together to give loyal supports
We had a great boat, the team was from NZ they did not need outside imports

They are strong and they took the heat
They are to be admired cause they were honorable in defeat


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Well I Thought It Was Funny

Monday here in New Zealand, Sunday in the USA.
Either way in NZ we need a laugh as our Yacht ‘Emirates’ did not win the race they needed to win the “America’s Cup” today.
Tomorrow is another day. The tension is killing me.

I stole these from my favorite website http://www.sexcigarsbooze.com



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The Art Of Boat Building

I have no idea why someone would want to build a boat like this but it made me laugh. I say good on him, I love the talent of someone who thinks outside the box.


French artist Julien Berthier has designed a fully functional boat to look as if it is sinking. The 6.5m (21ft) yacht was cut in half with a new keel and motor added so it remains in the sinking position while being fully functional. He describes it as “the permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object.”




Berthier has sailed across the English Channel to London and has toured it around Europe.

Plenty of unwitting good Samaritans offer assistance presuming he’s sinking.



Source: http://www.gizmag.com/love-love-part-boat-artwork/16928/picture/124340/

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