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Hydrogen water – Why It works – Why You Need To Know 💦

This is a fantastic video on Hydrogen-rich water. Do you suffer from Arthritis, cramping and lactic acid after exercising, skin problems etc? Because Hydrogen is a mild anti-inflammatory and able to penetrate any compartment of your body,  it is able to penetrate the walls of your cells and further the nucleus of your cells. It is essential to your well-being. He also talks about a 90-day experiment of bathing in hydrogen-rich water for skin health. (reducing neck wrinkles… us girls certainly want that)

Anyway, this video is 18 minutes long and could change your life. Also, it gives you more reasons why a Kangen Water machine is essential in your household.

More info: USA 281-918-9687

                    Australia 041-783- 9002

                   NZ: +61-41-783-9002


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How To Get Wrinkles Out.

No I am not talking about wrinkles from the face. Mind you it would be good if it was that easy.

I am talking about getting rid of the wrinkles in our shirts and trousers when you have no iron or clothers dryer, which to my suprise a lot of apartments do not have. Can’t imagine.

What often happens is that you throw your shirt or blouse in a pile with the intenion of hanging them up, but don’t. Result a wrinkly mess.

Here are two simple solutions.

a. Take one very wrinkled shirt and hang it on your shower curtain rod. I then turned the shower all the way to hot, shut the door and let the steam go for 15 minutes. When you come back, you should be genuinely surprised at how many wrinkles had come out.

b. Method two: This method called for spraying a wrinkled shirt with water from a spray bottled and then blow drying it. This is actually even faster than the shower method

This is the result:



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