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Just Wing it



As you know I am one for saving money any time I can. Well Try this. We had not been happy with our Phone provider in the United States so was looking for something more economical and a plus of pleasant and easy  to deal with. 

We found it. The company is called WING. We have been with Wing for 5 months now and our bill is now just $15 per month. You can even have a plan for  a flip phone if you want . 

Go to the site  wingalpha.com click on “View Plans” choose the plan you want from 500 mb to unlimited or family plan.

The plans include 

  • Unlimited voice & SMS
  • HD voice & WiFi Calling
  • Visual voicemail
  • Device tethering/hotspot
  • Picture & video messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Caller ID

You can try it for 30 days or get your money back

  • Choose any one of Their plans
  • Use your phone the same way you always do
  • At the end of each month, get money back for any data you didn’t use
  • That money gets applied as a credit toward your next bill

You can keep your phone number and you can move your lease over.


Join Wing and use this code for $25 off: – wingdavid117  and once you have your code you can spread the information to your friends and every time some one joins you get 25 bucks off. Get enough and you may never have to pay a phone bill again.

Anyway take a look at it you have nothing to lose.

When you press Join Wing at the top of the page it was ask you some questions and then the promo code is at the bottom. 

You can get the app Wing Tel –  The app tracks your usage and it even alerts you if you’re running low plus you can invite friends easily. 

“If you don’t do different nothing will change”





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Amazing Uses For Silver Foil

Hey this is amazing. The one I love is improving your WiFi signal. Did not know.

This video shows heaps of great ideas for the uses of Silver Foil

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What’s Up On This Day – 1/16/2012

Another good Cell Phone Deal
Republic Wireless have a cell phone plan of $19 a month. This plan is unlimited everything.
Unlimited calling, unlimited email, texting and data for $19.00
I would call that a good deal.

1. Must use LG Optimus S. They say that more phones will be available later on.

2. There is a membership fee of $199

3. Automatically connects to WiFi when available otherwise it uses cellular network that is available to them.

To find out more go to Republicwireless.com

Zappos Hackers

Apparently via the news on HLN this morning Zappos have been hacked.
If you have ordered something from Zappos online you may have had your information hacked.
They may have:-

  • Your Name.
  • Where you live
  • Phone number
  • email address
  • Account password
  • Last four digits of your credit card

If you do have an account with Zappos your password will no longer be valid so suggest you go online to Zappos and change your password. If you use that same password for other accounts it may be advisable to change them as well.

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