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Poem Friday « 1/14/2011 « What can I write about?

What can I write about?
Author Lesley Voth

What can I write about this week?
This year so far has been rather sad and bleak

For a start the weather, where ever you are
It has been devastating, wet and cold, It seems the worst by far

Snow up the top and rain down below
We all try to keep our chins up, try to be calm and mellow

Who are we kidding its a pain in the Arse
Its not going away for some time to pass

Its freezing and miserable, wet and boggy
Our feet are in mud and up top is all foggy

Now there are earthquakes that are shaking us silly
New Zealand, New Caledonia, Haiti and chile

What is happening to this place we call “Earth” in space
There is such pain, terror, and sadness, poverty, war, that many must face

Then of all things personal, my brother dies and so does my friends sister
Many are killed, houses destroyed in the US so quickly, by a twister

I think I know whats happening and I am sure you do to
We are subject to a test, to help others in need, more than you do

Forget our woes, Others need our assistance to be generously given
Be there for them, confident that all is ok, be selflessly driven.

I know 2011 is to be the best year yet
Because God is with us, we are guided, you can bet

So let there be all the natural disasters
Defeat is never, never ever going to be our masters

So give your effort, like no one knows
Because in your heart, and to others your friendship grows

Can you imagine no house and no clothes
No food on the table, no power, a cold that not many knows

Yes it has not been a good start to the year
But we the world, will get through this in more ways than one – with no fear.

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