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Who Knew Who Knew – Ross❤️

Who Knew, Who Knew

Who knew that the last time together, was the last.
Almost Two years ago, Jon’s Wedding, time has gone fast

It was so good to see you, as meeting over the years were few and far between
Usually at family gathers where most of us would convene

So glad we don’t see the signs and cannot see ahead
Although your future, from the doctor was read

The news was unbelievable, heart wrenching for us all to say the least
For your life to end by such a mean and most times uncontrollable beast

I wont linger on the pain we still all feel
I am sure we all thought, no sweat he will heal

It was not to be, so I just picture you Kite surfing at sea
I picture the love you always had for the water, and seemingly carefree

You seem to make many friends wherever you went
Few beers, laugh and a joke, in my mind, time well spent

Well there are a few Mackie’s now, up there where you are going
As the years go by, the numbers will keep growing

But that is ok, till we meet again, if you are still making your home brew
Save a glass for me, so we can indulge in a few
God bless you Ross, rest in peace, for He Knew, He Knew
Aunty L

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Wedding in Norway

This made me cry as it was so beautiful

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Amazing surprise! Priest’s singing ”Hallelujah” at wedding ceremony

This is so cool

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Poem Friday – Life Is Good I am Blessed, the Best it Can Be

Life is Good Its the best It can Be
Author: Lesley Voth

I have to say in a grateful way
In the past two weeks or more I have had a wonderful stay


First of all at the beginning of march was my sons wedding
A few days later off to USA, Actually to Houston Texas they were heading

From all accounts they had a great time felt so much at ease
Thank you Dave and my friends for giving them some lifetime memories

For me well I headed off To Queanbeyan, near Canberra on my bike
A good 8 1/2 hours ride so it was quite the hike

Franny’s Birthday I had to be there
To miss that I would not dare


Plenty of Bollinger, yep we drank most of the night
Had to celebrate the girls party with the best right?

After the party a couple of days later
Headed off to Bermagui with the Pugs, what could be greater

Well ‘Sugar’ not into this travel thing as she griped most of the way
The two boys Ziggie and Gus for them asleep in the back, was such a relaxing day


Three lovable pugs so cute they are the best
They ran themselves ragged, once they got home they had to rest

Donna and I we swam each day and to the beach we walked
Great time together also ate, drank, slept and talked

Caught a few fish which we cooked on the BBQ
It was so enjoyable but time flew

Franny arrived a couple of days before the end
We did a few chores around the place, productive time we did spend

Well back to Canberra we all took off Sunday
Monday packed my bike, headed off Tuesday sad but the end of my stay

Another 8 1/2 ride and so really pleasant warm and still
The temperatures fantastic, Had to watch out for Roos and wombats, a lot of road kill

I am so pleased I came back on that day
Cause the temperatures fell like big time would have been uncomfortable in a big way

There is nothing worse like riding in the freezing cold
But riding in warm weather is a feeling to great to behold

Well here I am back in Queenscliffe, what a great place
A little chilly, good coffee and for a couple of weeks this is my base


Yep March was a busy time for me
But I had a great time from the Pictures you see


Life is good I am blessed, the best it can be

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For Qantas Flyers – The Worst and the best way to spend your Qantas Points

I found this article on a fox news and Not only was I very interested as I am a Qantas member I am sure there are plenty of Qantas flyers would like to know the best way to use their points and not be screwed.

I personally have been very disillusioned with Qantas in the past couple of years as a Member of the Qantas Club for many years and fly internationally usually 2-3 times a year I find they are trying in nature and greedy in business and really don’t give ‘Two Hoots” for their passengers. I have a friend that had spent 24,000 dollars on tickets from Australia to their wedding in Amsterdam only to be charged close to a hundred dollars on her return and to a domestic flight of Qantas, 70 dollars for overweight baggage which was only just over the limit. I have had the same experience, they change the baggage rules randomly and we as passengers pay the penalty for our ignorance I guess you could say. I have written to them only to get a rather insulting “sorry for the inconvenience” in other words you need to just “suck” it up. My bag was 21kgs and I was told that I was 1KG overweight. I always believed the maximum weight was 22kgs so I thought I had plenty to spare.
So readers be aware that your international allowable weight for your bags does not carry on to your domestic flight with Qantas. Even if you have just travelled 20 hours. They “JUST DON’T CARE”.


So when I read this article I thought I would pass it on as we need to know the best way to spend our Qantas Flying points.

This article originally published by Australian Business Traveller

Having earned a stack of Qantas frequent flyer points from flying or using your credit card for your everyday purchases, you’ll want to get the best value out of them.

But it might surprise you to learn that this ‘points value’ can range anywhere from barely half a cent through to a much more impressive six cents, depending on how and where you use those points.

See also: Which frequent flyer scheme should you join?

So if you’ve got 10,000 Qantas Points on hand, they would be worth as little as $50 or as much as $600 – and naturally you’d be eager to avoid the ‘chump change’ end of the spectrum.

With that in mind, here are the three worst ways you can possibly use your points. If any of these strategies sound familiar to you, it’s time for a re-think.

1. Shopping for goods at the Qantas Store

You can trade Qantas Points for an array of products at the online Qantas Store, but you’ll be saddled with a terrible ‘exchange rate’ in terms of the actual purchasing power of your points.

Take a latte-friendly De’Longhi Nespresso U Milk machine, for example. It can be yours for 42,010 Qantas Points at the Qantas Store, or $299 in real money at retail stores. This translates to each of those points having a real-world ‘value’ of 0.71c.

Of course, when you’re shopping around at brick-and-mortar stores or online you’ll find prices well below retail – the same Nespresso machine is sold through several brand-name retailers around the $230 mark – and there’s always room to haggle and even price-match.

Tempted by a new iPhone 6s? That’ll be 222,180 Qantas Points (128GB model) at the Qantas Store or $1379 at the Apple Store, delivering an even lower 0.62c of real value for each Qantas Point.

See also: How to earn Qantas frequent-flyer points without flying

2. Book your next hotel stay

Airline frequent flyer points never stretch as far on the ground as they do in the air, and redeeming Qantas Points for hotel bookings is no exception.

Using dates in mid-January, we found a two-night stay at the Sofitel So Singapore selling for $934 via the Qantas Hotels website when paying with real money…

… but switch the payment method to ‘points’ on the same nights and you’ll be asked for 145,493 Qantas Points to cover the same:

That again puts the return from each frequent flyer point at around 0.64c – even less than that Nespresso machine you were eyeing off!

As the number of Qantas Points needed for a free hotel night is also pegged against the actual price of the room, there’s also no way of knowing how many points you’ll need for a stay until it’s time to book, by which time the cash price, and therefore the points cost, may have changed again.


3. Book your next flight in economy

Using Qantas Points to book travel in economy has never been a great way to use them as the cash amount you’ll also be asked to pay in taxes, fees and airline surcharges can often approach, and sometimes exceed, the price of simply booking your flight during a cut-price sale.

Qantas has improved this somewhat by lowering the number of points needed to fly in economy on many international routes by roughly 10 per cent and the associated carrier charges by 15-40 per cent, with a return trip from Sydney to Singapore now billed at 56,000 Qantas Points and $294.68 in fees.

Compare that to a recent Qantas sale which offered return Sydney-Singapore flights for $599 outright, and each of those 56,000 points kicks in 0.54c of value towards an ultimate cash saving of $304.32.

You’ll find a little more value when cash fares are higher yet frequent flyer award seats are still available at the same cost – such as stretching 1.6c per point when booking a trip that otherwise flight that other sells for $1200 – but the real value of points very much remains at the pointy end.

So what are some the best ways to use your Qantas Points?

Upgrades (especially from business class to first class between Sydney/Melbourne and London), a round the world business class ticket and even an indulgent first class flight on an Emirates Airbus A380 from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Auckland will all deliver better value for your points!

This article originally published by Australian Business Traveller

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Wine Tasting ~ Lucky Red and White Wedding

This week’s wine tasting offer is a 2-pack of wine from Bravium Winery. They taste great and they’re good for your health too.

Great wine at a special price: Buy these two bottles of wine at the preferred price, plus get an extra 10% off with the – check-out coupon code: SCB10


When a winemaker puts this much attention on delivering blends with distinction, it’s time to take notice. Our Sommellier took immediate notice. We all know that the goal of blending wine made in different vintages is more to balance out the flavor characteristics. With Lucky II and White Wedding II, we can only say, “mission accomplished.”
Why We Love It

You won’t find a better wine value anywhere! You’ll be ready for any party or food pairing with these versatile, proprietary white and red wines! White Wedding compliments salad, appetizers, fish and chicken while Lucky is your go to BBQ, pizza, red meat wine. Most of the fruit in these wines comes from Napa, making the price unparalleled. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these wines support Sip&Give, Bravium winemaker Derek Rohlffs social media charitable giving tool. Sip&Give features a roster of worthy charities that are funded based upon your input. Put simply, Bravium makes wine, you drink wine, and together, we sip and give.


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The Royal Wedding

I thought it was fabulous. I believe it to be a happy day for Britain and all who watched it. Unfortunately reality sets in for the rest of the world a few days later with the death of Osama Bin laden. The wedding will always be full of beautiful, happy memories and nothing can destroy that. We don,t have enough of them.

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Ramping up to the royal wedding

I love all this ‘Pomp and Ceremony’. No one in the world knows how to do this like the English and especially the Royal Family. It is going to be a happy, glorious day. I am going to sit in front of the TV with my hat on and a glass of champagne and take in every second of it. I am going to love it.

Here are some of the pictures that have been taken by Boston.com. As usual they are spectacular.

An estimated 2 billion people around the world are expected to watch live as England’s Prince William marries commoner Kate Middleton this Friday at Westminster Abbey. Tourists have flocked to London, decorations are appearing, commemorative memorabilia are for sale, and the armed services are preparing for their role in the big event.—Lloyd Young (34 photos total)

A member of the State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry is seen during a media event at the Household Cavalry's Mounted Regiment in Hyde Park barracks in London on April, 15. The mounted regiment will provide close escort for the major members of the British royal family during the wedding. (Alastair Grant/Associated Press) #

Guardsman Bortnill St. Ange is measured for his uniform by master tailor Lance Sergeant Matthew Else (left) at Victoria barracks in Windsor on April 21. Irish Guards soldiers who have recently returned from Afghanistan are preparing for ceremonial duties as the Queens Guards ahead of the royal wedding. Prince William is the colonel of the Irish Guards. (Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images) #

Master tailor Lance Sergeant Matthew Else inspects the uniforms of members of the Irish Guards at Victoria Barracks in London on April 21. The Irish Guards returned from active duty in Afghanistan at the beginning of April, and are now preparing for ceremonial duties. Prince William is the colonel of the regiment. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) #

Carriage restorer Dave Evans cleans the Glass Coach at the Royal Mews in central London on March 21. The coach, which was built in 1881, will be used to carry Prince William and Kate Middleton in the event of bad weather on their wedding day. (Dominic Lipinski/AFP/Getty) #

A member of the household cavalry rides down the Mall adorned in Union flags ahead of the royal wedding. (Andrew Winning/Reuters) #


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The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

I am a Royalist from way back and am so looking forward to viewing the wedding of William and Kate. I watched the 20/20 program on the ABC the other night by Barbara Walter’s and thought it was excellent. I so wish them well and the day be full of festivities and celebration. We all need some ‘Love’ in the air, don’t you think?

This is a fun video.

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Talk Money Before Marriage

“It is difficult for some people to accept that love
is a choice. This seems to run counter to the gen-
erally accepted theory of romantic love which ex-
pounds that love is inborn and as such requires
no more than to accept it.” —Leo F. Buscaglia

The subject of dating and marriage is usually emotional. It’s hard to use a lot of logic when we are talking about feelings and emotions. It’s necessary to consider some things with your head before you make the leap with your heart. The suggestions that I make here make perfect sense to me, but I realize that when you’re in love and emotionally involved, your judgment could be clouded.
You need to ask yourself some very hard questions and find answers before making a commitment to someone for the rest of your life.
In today’s economic climate the financial decisions you make now, are going to be very important in the future.
Consider these things before you leap

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