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Truly I Have Been Eating Pineapple the Wrong Way

Hey this is brilliant

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The Easiest Way To Make a Mug Cake

I thought this was pretty cool. Going to send to the Grandkids they will probably have fun doing this.

Now if that was me I would be putting ice-cream and caramel on top or Maple syrup. If you are a real sugar addict then maybe chocolate chips or smarties, either way looks tasty and easy.

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Poem Friday – 07/19/2013 – Would I Miss This time? – No Way


Would I miss this Time? – No way
Author – Lesley Voth

6am and start of a beautiful day, I love the mornings, I sure do
I breathe in the morning air, while I am waiting for the French coffee to brew

Butter my toast spread it with Almond paste and jam
Does it stick to the hips? too bad I don’t give a damn

This is one of my simple pleasures of the day
Would I sleep in and miss this time? Two words ‘No Way’

I water my plants and listen to the birds chirp and sing
It is a calming, peaceful sound and immense joy it does bring

This morning I am sitting in these surroundings writing this verse
Knowing full well once I have finished I will go do chores, to me that’s a curse

Oh that first delicious taste of coffee for the day
Would I miss This time – No Way


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