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What the Heck Is This Stuff Called Kangen Water💦

Good start to an informative video. 

He has a good point about the plastic waste in this world. Thankfully both Australia and New Zealand are aware of this and doing a great cleanup job of reducing the waste of all sorts of plastic from tooth picks to bottles, caps etc which invariably end up on our beaches and ocean. It is also getting recognition in the states and parts of Europe. Only parts. Just been to Croatia and was alarmed to see the plastic waste and cigarette butts just thrown in the ocean and the same with Curacao. Such beautiful countries marred by people not been educated in keeping their environment clean which incidentally is their living as well. So for me the more people that make these places aware of the damage that they are doing the better.

Hence back to the subject of these Kangen water machines of which I have two. Not only are they great for your health they are great for the environment. I would advise that you listen to what he has to say. It is to the point without wasting your time with drivel.

“If you don’t do different nothing will change”


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Don’t Put Money Down The Drain With Stupid Expenses

One way to make head-way in your financial life is to make every purchase decision an investment. When you start doing this you will realize how much money you are just throwing away to the wind.

Here are some suggestions on how to stop wasting money on silly things.

1. Pay your bills online. Keep a list of the due dates so that you are not paying late fee charges. Some banks charge a fee for this service and if you automatically have them paid from you bank account and for some reason there is not enough money the bank will take it out anyway then charge you at least a $35 bank charge for being overdrawn – that is a stupid expense.

2. Check your bank accounts everyday. It will prevent you from over drafting your account, find mistakes, and stop identity theft.

3. Brown bag it. It is such a waste and a ridiculous expense to be buying your lunches every day. When you add it up you will be amazed how much you are spending on lunch when you could easily make it at home and bring it to work.

4. Make your meals and freeze them yourself. You could do several meals in the weekend and freeze them so that you can just pop them in the oven when you get home from work. This can be a lot cheaper and healthier than buying commercial frozen meals.

5. Return Items. If you have purchased something and it is not what you want or the size is wrong or doesn’t fit what you need it for – return it. Dont keep something that is useless and never be used.

6. Save your warranties and receipts for large items. You never know when they may malfunction and without a receipt or warranty they may not repair them. I have had some expensive sunglasses that I always keep the receipt for because they say they have a lifetime guarantee. Well I have returned them twice with proof of purchase and had no problems.

7. Check your services. Do you have too many phones, do you need the TV service that you have, maybe you could downgrade, Do you really use the gym if you don’t maybe you could cancel it. I for one get great value out of my gym but some don’t. If you are wasting money then fix it.


Simply Fantastic – Living Better On Less has a lot of information on this subject.

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