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Use shampoo sparingly


Use shampoo sparingly
Your hair won’t get any cleaner from using a palmful of product versus a dime-size amount, and washing every other day is healthier than shampooing daily.

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Did You Know – 09/19/2016

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3. There is a site on the internet that if you want to find music and  don’t know the name of the song or music, you can sing it or hum it and it will find it for you. It is called Midomi.com


4. In the late 1800s it is reported that Old Faithful in Yellow Stone National Park served as a laundromat of sorts for explorers and infantryman. They reportedly placed soiled garments in a quiet geyser that were then ejected clean and warm. They left out woolens, which apparently didn’t handle the rough washing well.


5. Sisters of the Valley are an order of Non – Denominational Nuns. Voted to the healing power of many plants one of them being Marijuana.

Based in California’s Central Valley, The Sisters of the Valley are not affiliated with any traditional earthly religion. The Sisters’ spiritual practices support the process of making medicine. We respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between Her and her suffering people.
“We, The Sisters prepare all medicines during moon cycles, according to ancient wisdom. We are activists who are on a mission to heal the world”.

Rather interesting video. Should watch it.

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Did You Know – 03/17/2014


1. Refrigerating apples can help them last up to 10 times longer than those left at room temperature.
Amongst other things Apples have other beneficial nutrients called quercetin. This nutrient has the potential to prevent many types of cancers such as breast cancer and lung cancer. It’s extremely good at fighting off free radicals in your body that cause you to prematurely age. On top of slowing the aging process down, it also can prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.


2. According to ‘Healthy You’ article in the AARP magazine an Australian study found muscles recover faster after strenuous exercise if you top off your post-workout meal with several cups of ‘caffeinated’ coffee.
Florida researchers found three cups of caffeinated coffee a day may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia in older people with mild cognitive impairment.
Study by AARP of 400,000 older adults showed that regular coffee drinkers were less likely to die from all causes than non- drinkers were

Very interesting don’t you agree. I love these results as it makes it more pleasurable to be drinking something that is good for you


3. More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine’s day
For you information also it is said that a daily square of dark chocolate can reduce heart attack risk by 39%


4. Be kind to your nose because vigorous nose blowing can actually push mucus from the nose up into the sinuses, increasing a cold’s severity and also can lead to a secondary sinus infection according to the University of Virginia researchers

5. Washing your hands for 20 seconds before rinsing can prevent the spread of Flu by 50%. It is said just 5%of americans wash their hands the proper way.

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Alcohol-based Hand Washing


Hand-washing has become a very essential part in avoiding getting the H1N1 flue.

I remember years ago when I was in the nursing profession. Actually I was not in it for long as I found out rather quickly I was not a naturally dedicated nurse.

Anyway back to the hand-washing subject. It was drummed into us in those days, that after every procedure we had to wash our hands. I mean after making a bed we had to wash our hands before and after we had contact with a patient our hands had to be washed. I used to think it was crazy, that they went overboard with all this cleanliness and were eccentric.

Another procedure we had to do was before we went in to a ward we had to change into a clean uniform, then change back out of it once our duty time was finished and we left the ward. So to cut a long story short hygiene was a priority.

Now I realize why and it is probably the reason we have so many viruses floating around. So I thought you may find this article of some interest.

Hand Cleansing With Alcohol-based Cleansers
© John Howe

Oct 20, 2009

Hand washing is an excellent way to prevent infections, but when soap and water are not available alcohol-based hand cleansers are a good alternative.

Hand cleanliness is a vital part of maintaining health and avoiding infections. The best way to keep hands clean is to regularly wash them with warm water and soap but there are times when this is not possible.

In these circumstances, when soap and water are not available, alcohol-based hand cleansers are the next best solution.

The good thing about alcohol-based hand cleansers is that water is not needed to use them. But for effective cleansing the product should contain at least 60 percent alcohol.


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