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A Little Humor About A Not So Humorous Subject

Old warning do not Text and Drive

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Listen Hard For These are Words Of Warning Mr Politician

I listen to this very articulate and thought out words from this young man. It does not matter what country we live in it is time we need to stand up to the thoughtless, expensive over regulated Governments who run our lives. Most of those politicians  have never had an honest job in their lives. I need not say more as this man says it all. It is no secret that I believe we have the right to bear arms and in this country Australia and New Zealand that right has been taken away and of course I believe 95% of the population agree with it. Note It is only the honest that don’t have guns, criminals do. One day you may wish you had one.

Politicians better listen to this man if they want to be voted in again as he is the voice of many.

Please listen to this because it needs sharing if you believe what he has to say.

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Did You Know – 08/14/2018

1. Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe.

They found that in galaxies with 100 billion stars or more, the galactic winds actually ferried in about 50 per cent of the matter present today.
Jessica Werk at the University of Washington in Seattle – Werk says tracking the flow of matter from the origin of the universe to present day, and understanding where the atoms that make up the air we breathe and water we drink is one of the fundamental problems in astrophysics. “It’s one of the holy grails of extra galactic cosmology,” she says. “Now, we’ve found that half these atoms come from outside our galaxy.”

Faucher-Giguère and Anglés-Alcázar Northwestern University in Illinois  found that for larger galaxies like our own, this intergalactic Gulf Stream is the primary contributor to their growth, allowing them to snatch away matter from their smaller counterparts.


2. Back when people burnt coal to heat their homes they rid the soot off their walls by rolling dough across the walls.

The Story goes: Kutol, a Cincinnati based soap company, was about to go under in the late 1920s.  Cleo McVicker, just 21 years old. 1933 when Cleo was at a meeting with Kroger grocery store representatives when they asked him if he made wallpaper cleaner. In those days coal was used for heating ones home as wood was less efficient. The down side of coal was the soot that it left on the walls and wallpaper.

Cleo boldly told them he could supply them with such a cleaner having no idea what they were going to do as at that time things had become desperate financially. Kroger subsequently ordered 15,000 cases of wallpaper cleaner from Kutol with a $5,000 penalty (about $90,000 today) if Kutol didn’t deliver on time.

Noah McVicker his brother then figured out that dough was the solution and that kept the company afloat till after WWII. Sales then started to decrease as coal was no long the main use for heating and the company once again was facing financial ruin.

Hence Play doh!

Interesting story: read more Business insider 

3. A craft like knitting is ailed as a phenomenal for your physical and mental health – While we are creating it is not just our hands that are busy – our brains are diligently releasing dopamine which is a natural antidepressant. So keep on knitting guys and gals.

4. Comfrey tea provides benefits for your plants especially house plants – Pour about 500mls of boiling  water over dried or fresh comfrey leaves, cool to room temperature then strain. Spray the plant liberally at least once a week. refrigerate the remaining liquid for another time. Remember house plants love temped water rather than cold so warm it up in the sun before you spray it on.

5. ” Tsunami Stones” are an ancient warning written on Stone.  – Some over 600 years old that lie on the northeast coast of Japan.

In 1933 after a tsunami the residents of Aneyoshi moved uphill and placed a stone that read “Do not build your homes below this stone. In 2011 another tsunami of magnitude occurred and the entire village survived

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Air New Zealand You Are Ripping Me Off



I very rarely complain – do I? Well this time I am, and so pissed off.  It is not the first time this Airline has overcharged (in my opinion). For changing a flight date ($400) for what i believe a compassionate reason (Mother gravely ill) and not only did I have to pay that ridiculous price for changing my flight date they downgraded me to economy even though I had paid for a Works Deluxe seat. By this time I had almost paid for a ticket to America and back. Once again paying for a ‘Works Deluxe’  seat this week ($603 one way from Tauranga) I was ushered to an economy seat. This has not happened once it has happened twice. This ticket allows you into the lounge. Well I bloody near had to tackle the host to get in as they told me my ticket did not allow entrance to this area. Word of advice” Always Always” keep your online ticket to show proof (which I did thank goodness) of your purchase. Don’t assume that your passport is enough proof. These airlines can change your ticket and without you realizing they have downgraded you not upgraded. They do so without verbally letting you know.
This last trip the staff very nicely put me in a seat with more room ‘BUT NO ENTERTAINMENT’ it was not working – so I just had to drink more wine – Thanks to that very nice steward on flight NZ139
If they had upgraded me this letter would not exist.
Anyway I feel better now for getting this off my chest but a word of warning to all those who travel with Air New Zealand always check your boarding ticket to make sure you get what you paid for before you leave the counter.


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Signs You See Only In Australia

On the golf course


The Outback Waterhole


The Friendly Beach Welcome


The Unnecessary Warning


The No Brainer


The Garden Centre


The Honest Truth


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Be Warned That Not All Foreclosures Are Bargains.

I was listening to Fox News this morning and Donald Trump was being interviewed on various subjects and one was about Real Estate.

His words were that now is the time to buy real estate. A Year ago he was saying it was too expensive and he was right. Now is the time to buy.

A lot of people will be looking at foreclosures. It has been said that some foreclosure properties are selling 50% less than their previous sale price.

The warning is.

1. Check for Unpaid property taxes and who is responsible to pay them.

2. Mortgage payments: Is there a lien on the property. Who is responsible for these.

3. Are the owners off the property? Some delinquent home owners refuse to move.

4. Make sure owners have not caused any damage to the property, seen and unseen. Unseen being anything that may cause a fire or permanent odor problem. Have the whole house checked out.

5, You cannot always check the house before buying at an auction. My advise is, if the house is in a good real estate area and the price is very cheap then it will probably be a good buy. The chances are you will get your money back on the land alone.

If I was unable to look in the house before the auction and the tenants were still in the house and the area was not a viable real estate area, I would not even consider bidding for it unless it was going for a “song” and I could see potential, even if the house had been damaged.

6, Buy the home directly off the lender. The chances are that you will not get as good a price, but you are able to inspect the house before buying and that could save you thousands. By dealing with the Lender who has foreclosed on the property you are able to make sure that there is no claims against the property.

These are just some of the things to look out for, it is not meant to put you off making an investment.

If you are going to buy the property and rent it out, consider the position. Remember the old Real Estate quote ” It is about position, position, position. So keep that in mind when you are purchasing a property. I have purchased many properties and always by the ocean. That sort of property nearly always makes you a profit. In your case, if you are not by the sea then the following places are what I call “Food for thought”

1. Is it near a college or university – you may find it easy to rent to students, teachers and administration.

2. Is it near a good shopping mall? Is it within walking distance. If so, that has to be a good buy.

3. Is it near public transport? That is very convenient for those who don’t have a vehicle or cannot drive.

4. Is it near a school? Families with young children will always be looking for rentals near their children’s school.

If you are about to make an investment in property well I think you are doing it at the right time as all the signs are good for property investment at the moment.

So Good luck and may you be prosperous.


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