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Did You Know – 08/11/2014


1. If you have a strange odor in your home you can get rid of it in a matter of 20 minutes by pouring two tablespoons of pure vanilla essence into a pan and cook the vanilla at low heat on your stove top. Set a timer so that you don’t forget it and overdo the smell. Also if you want to rid a smell from your fridge you can also use vanilla. Just put some on a wet cloth and wipe the inside of your fridge and it will give your fridge a pleasant odor and be rid of that nasty musty smell.


2. Did you know the national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.
A country’s ‘National Animal’ should represent the best, and defining, qualities of the nation who chose it.
Scots have a strong culture rich in superstitions, myths and legends.
So, choosing a heraldic symbol as awe-inspiring as the unicorn makes perfect sense!
Read More on the unicorn


3. A mentally ill young man who shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt suffered a brain injury that apparently eliminated his phobia of germs and his obsession with washing his hands, doctors say.

The .22-caliber slug destroyed the section of the brain responsible for his disabling obsessive-compulsive behavior without causing any other brain damage, his doctor said in a report in Physician’s Weekly, a British journal of psychiatry. Victims of the disorder typically have an inexplicable compulsion to repeat activities over and over.

The afflicted man, now a straight-A college student, tried to kill himself five years ago, when he was 19 years old, said Dr. Leslie Solyom, a psychiatrist at Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. Effects of His Behavior


4. Americans consume 300 million sandwiches a day.
With the price of peanut butter today, you may not believe it, but the PB&J offered a lot of nutrition for a low-cost. This was due in part to two crucial advances in food delivery, the development of the process for making peanut butter and the adoption of the process for pre-slicing and packaging bread. These two advances made the necessary ingredients readily available at a reasonable cost just in time to help feed the families struggling through the depression.
It is still the most popular sandwich.

5. Nearly 90% of Americans live 15 minutes away from a Wal-Mart Store
More Info

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Did You Know – 03/24/2014

1. tumblr_n2n20orTad1qkvbwso1_500


2. According to Consumer Reports, veterinarians can make up to 1,000% markup on their Pet Meds and charge a dispensing fee of up to $15. cheaper alternative trot off to Walmart, Kroger or Target where generic pet meds sell for as little as $4.00

Fear of long words

3. If you have Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, then you have the fear of long words.


4. The Stars you see when you rub your eyes are phosphenes.
They are a phenomenon by which seeing light without light actually entering the eye. This rubbing mechanically stimulates the cells of the retina causing effect. Even after you open your eyes you still see those spots for a little while.



5. Almost half the bones in your body are in your hands and feet. There are 27 in each hand and 26 in each foot, and the way that they are arranged is remarkably similar.

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The Growth Of Walmart In America

The growth of Walmart.Wal

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Consumer Report: Get More For Your Money

I received a consumer report promotional magazine which gave 23 reports of various shopping advise. I tend to put value on their reports as they appear to do extensive research on what ever it is that they are investigating.
Here are some of the reports.

Sheets: Tested Martha Stewart, Lands End and Pottery Barn sheets: Results:- They are excellent fit BUT they had less fabric and seam strength than other brands.
Top Rated Sheets were L.L. Bean Pima Cotton Percale. They had the highest score for fit, strength and shrinkage resistance.

Cellphone bills: To find the cheapest rates they crunched the numbers on more than a hundred contract and prepaid sell-service plans.
Result:– If you are a big cellular talker and want to cut costs, switch to straight talk. This company’s unlimited plan can save a two-line couple up to $1500 a year.

Top-Rated cell phone and top-rated cell phone service: The LG Octane cell phone was one of our top-rated cell phones. It works with Verizon, which was a top-rated cell-phone service in most cities that they surveyed

Wal-Mart v Costco:  Consumer report survey revealed that Walmart do have low prices but are on a par with other major retailers.
The store with top marks for both great products and exceptional prices in their survey was Costco

Batteries:  Their tests of AA batteries energizer advanced were the top-rated lithium batteries versus Energizer Max which were among the lowest rated alkaline batteries. They compare products within the brand not all products or models with one brand perform equally well.

Exterior Paints: If you want a paint that stands up to dirt and cracking consider California Paints Fres-Coat Velvet Flat for approximately $39.

Waterproof Bandages:  In a test of eight waterproof bandages Curad Flexible Athletic Strips scored the lowest.
Buy one of the top-rated brands of water proof bandages either Nexcare clear or Band-Aid clear/transparent water block plus. Which ever brand you choose in wet, potentially dirty conditions these two waterproof bandages might provide a little bit more protection from germs that can lead to infections than a standard bandage.

Glad ForceFelex Trash Bags: Implied they could haul a broken baby grand piano but when they put them to the test we they were left holding a broken bag!
They placed up to 41 pounds of trash into Glad and Hefty bags. The Hefty bags held most of the trash. None of the Glad bags they tested did as well as the Hefty.

Want to drive your vehicle for a long time?: Buy replacement parts with a lifetime warranty. One of  Consumer Reports  readers followed this advice and did not pay for a set of brakes in eight years.

Third row in the SUV:  According to the consumer report this can vary greatly in comfort and roominess. Two of the best vehicles we found for third row seating are Ford Expedition EL and Chevrolet Traverse. The worst is Subaru Tribeca

Honda Insight:  Their report shows an enticingly low price but their survey shows the ride was stiff and choppy and lacked handling agility. The 38 – mpg Insight, costs about $21,000 but it had scores too low to be recommended.
You can get a hybrid with a firm, steady ride and secure handling. At 44 – mpg its the most fuel-efficient car you can buy. Consider the Toyota Prius for about $26,750

Laptops: Toshiba has some of the lighter laptops according to their survey but if you want a light laptop and best tech support available you have to consider an Apple.  Among the Windows based laptops, Leenvovo was among the better providers of tech support by phone

Benefits of Medical Tests: Research shows that patients who have the most tests don’t necessarily have improved health.
If your doctor suggests a test ask “Will this test change the way you treat the disease?” If the answer is “no” then ask what is the benefit of doing it.

Harmful bacteria in Chicken: The consumer report tested 51 brands of chicken for contamination from salmonella and campylobacter bacteria: The major brands – Perdue, Tyson and Foster Farms all had contamination, with Tyson and Foster being the most contaminated and Perdue the cleanest.

Pillows: The $99 Tempur-Pedic pillow and the $27 memory foam pillow from Target was found after the staff sleep test to be pretty much the same in sleep quality.

Windshield Wipers: The top rated wind shield wiper, Valeo 600 series cost $11 for the 18″ model and that is much less than the PIAA Super Silicone and Bosh Icon blades that proved not to be as good in their tests. On saying that though every brand they tested showed streaking, smearing water or missed ares of wiping after six months of use.

Tide Laundry detergent: Their research showed Tide did a good job but proved to be one of the most expensive laundry detergents that they tested at 30 cents per load. Wisk New Stain Spectrum Technology Deep Clean for top loaders out cleaned Tide Totalcare and wisk cost only 17 cents per load.

Wine: According to research ( this one I am sure will be a matter of experience with wine ) that a delicious bottle of Shiraz called Alice White 2009 for just $6 is rated better than a wine that cost $43

Cordless Phone: According to Consumer Report a $35 cordless phone from AT&T performed better than phones that cost twice as much.

Salad Packages: “Prewashed?” Wash it again, research found bacteria that are common indicators of poor sanitation and fecal contamination and in some cases high levels. After that result I think I will be washing mine many times before I eat it.

Nissan Pathfinder:  The doors look great but the high-mounted rear door handle has been hard for smaller children to open. Something to look at if that is an issue.

Toasters: You can spend $100 on the DeLonghi DTT312 and get a good toaster or you could spend $35 on the Hamilton Beach Digital 22502 and get a better toaster

Soup: The Consumer Reports blind taste test the Store Brand Food Lion tasted better than Campbell’s soup.
You may or may not agree with that one.

SOURCE: Consumer Report

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Walmart Launches Christmas Price Guarantee Program

Walmart is doing its best for its shoppers this year in an effort to attract more customers. It seems to me that the Walmart shopper is the winner with this offer. Its a good deal and well worth taking advantage of getting the biggest ‘bang for your buck’.

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Wal-Mart introduces wireless plan under own brand

Here is an article from Yahoo News that I thought would be of great interest to my readers. From what I have read there is some great savings ahead.

NEW YORK – Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said Monday that it is introducing the first cell phone plan that uses the chain’s own branding, further demonstrating its clout in getting special deals from wireless carriers.
The Wal-Mart Family Mobile service will run on T-Mobile USA’s network. Unlimited calling and texting will cost $45 per month for the first line and $25 for each additional line for the family. The service will be offered starting next week in most of its stores across the nation.
Since last year, Wal-Mart has been the exclusive seller of the Straight Talk service, which runs on the Verizon Wireless network. Wal-Mart is also trying out another service from Sprint Nextel Corp. called Common Cents.
Those are both “prepaid” plans, under which customers pay in advance and don’t need to sign contracts.
Wal-Mart Family Mobile will be “postpaid” like conventional contract-based plans, so the family bill is paid at the end of the month. But in other ways it works much like prepaid service, and it won’t come with a contract requirement or early termination fees. Buyers also won’t need to go through credit checks.
Greg Hall, vice president of merchandising at Wal-Mart U.S., said there’s a perception among customers that prepaid service doesn’t offer access to the best phones or the best network quality. He said the postpaid nature of the plan is a way to avoid that.
Starting Monday, the chain plans to sell five phones, including a full-blown smart phone, the Motorola Cliq XT, which will cost $249. T-Mobile sells it for $329 without a contract, or gives it away to buyers who sign two-year contracts (with monthly fees that are higher than the no-contract option).
The cheapest phone for the service will be a simple Nokia phone for $35.
Straight Talk also costs $45 per month for unlimited calls and texting, but doesn’t offer a discount for additional lines. And while Straight Talk offers unlimited free data, there are no smart phones available for it; the new Family Mobile plan includes only a small amount of free data. Common Cents is a basic pay-by-the-minute service.
“What we saw was an opening in the marketplace for really bringing family savings and a family plan and T-Mobile was a great partner there,” Hall said.
The plan undercuts T-Mobile USA’s own prices, but Jim Alling, its chief operating officer, said that Wal-Mart putting its own stamp on the brand name was a “tremendous endorsement.”
While there’s no contract, Ailing said the phones will be “locked” to Wal-Mart Family Mobile, so they won’t be usable on another network, or even under a T-Mobile-branded plan.
There will also be a prepaid component to the service: extra charges for data use and international calls will come from a prepaid account, pooled for the whole family. For instance, one gigabyte of data usage will cost $40. By comparison, AT&T’s contract customers pay $25 per month for 2 gigabytes of usage, but the data allowance doesn’t carry over from month to month the way Wal-Mart’s will.

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