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LOL But Really Mean It 😠

People who have dogs and take them for a walk and do not pick up their Dog Poo are ignorant. Stepping in that stuff makes me ‘dry reach’ (close to vomit)

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Did You Know – 07/31/2017

  1. Growing plants  at your desk could boost productivity by 15 percent according to researchers at the University of Queensland. Greenery also improves levels of happiness and a feeling of consecutiveness

2. Watching cute video’s of baby animals like kittens during working hours boosts concentration and productivity by up to 44 percent according to researchers of Hiroshima University in Japan. Hey you might even get a raise.


3. Color your world. Decorate your office surroundings with color such as red which can increase your attention to detail. Blue – well that can spark creativity. This is a study done by the University of British Columbia in Canada.



4. Walking – Billionaire Richard Branson a person whom I admire is known for his walking meetings. Research done by the Stanford University in the US shows that a leisurely  stroll can boost your creativity by about 60%.


5. The Kind of music listen to – A Study from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan discovered music with lyrics can reduce a person’s ability to focus. The research from Canada’s University of Windsor found that background the background music can assist with repetitive tasks in particular.

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A Cat Backpack – Great idea

This looks like a brilliant idea for walking the cat, taking it to the vet, traveling.  I checked the prices and Amazons price starts at $108.00.



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Walking A Tightrope To Impress A Lady

A male gorilla has taught himself how to walk a tightrope to try and impress the female at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

A male gorilla has taught himself how to walk a tightrope to try and impress the female at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

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Did You Know – 11/18/2013

1. The ability to smell is associated with the first cranial nerve and is often one of the first senses to be adversely affected by cognitive decline.
In patients with Alzheimer’s, the ability to smell peanut butter through the left nostril was found to be significantly impaired
“Jennifer Stamps, a graduate student in the University of Florida (UF) McKnight Brain Institute Center for Smell and Taste, and her colleagues reported the findings of a small pilot study in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences.


2. Men watch porn more than Woman. (You don’t say)
(source – University of Copenhagen)

3. Reading a book is better for the brain than watching TV
Source – American Academy of Neurology

4. There are three reasons a dog’s urine burns grass: an alkaline pH, concentrated (vs. dilute) urine, and nitrogen load. The most important factor of the three is urine pH.

5. Walking 14.5km or 10 miles a week is linked to a 22% lower death rate among men. So there you are guys just take that little step and your health improves
Source- Harvard University

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One Week To A Healthier You!

We have spent many years, months, days, minutes abusing our bodies in many different ways. Getting healthy is not going to happen overnight or in a week but its a start.
If you try to change your lifestyle a week at a time, well who knows miracles do happen, you could get to like it, mainly because you are going to actually feel better.
I don’t believe you have to give up all the good things you enjoy, but if you start out with these few things each day, for a week , you may like the results.

Sunday – Go buy a pedometer. they are not expensive and any sports store will have them – If you are able to walk at least 3000 steps a day you are on your way to better fitness according to the American Heart association

Monday – Take the stairs. This is an amazing way to improve your fitness, especially if you find you are out of breath just climbing one set of stairs. Find as many stairs as you can, allow yourself a few extra minutes to get to work so that you are able to take your time and not be late for work.

Tuesday – At the desk all day? – Do a little stretching when you can. Raise your hands above your head, squeeze that buttocks and pull that tummy in, move your head from side to side. With your feet on the ground raise your heels, feel the calves tighten, point your toes and move your feet in a circle one way then the other. Helps keep the body toned and helps the circulation  in your legs

Wednesday – Park the car further away from your work place. Walk just that little extra, every little bit helps.

Thursday – Just because you are doing this extra exercise don’t even begin to think you can eat more. No No! Be very conscious of what you are eating. Great suggestion is –  Stay to the perimeter of the grocery store. All the fresh stuff is usually around the outside of the store, such as meat and vegetables. All the tempting ‘not so good for you’ food is in the middle. Eat natural when you can.

Friday – Ok its the end of the week and you should be feeling good about yourself and you may be going for dinner or a few drinks with your friends or partner. Relax, and do what you enjoy but just don’t overdo it. Maybe only have one glass of wine instead of two and don’t order any bread, maybe stick to a salad (be careful of the dressing you have) and steak and enjoy each bite and good conversation.

Saturday – Take the dog for a longer walk, he is going to love you for it. Maybe you could get that bicycle out of the garage and give it a dust off and go for a ride.

All of these suggestions are really easy to do and you will be amazed that you may have lost a little weight or you are just feeling that little bit better than normal. What ever the case may be, none of these things can hurt you.
Not only will you save on medical bills because of better health you will save on grocery bills, maybe parking bills and your dog will be healthier.

“If you don’t do different nothing will change”

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Poem And Pictures Of My Walking Week.

Poem and Pictures of my Walking Week
Author: Lesley Voth

This is my early morning spent
You could not buy this view or rent

I am very blessed to witness such calm and beauty
When I walk some days to improve my booty

I don’t think it makes much of a change
But that time of the morning I would not exchange

It is actually the 19th day of August, 2011
Some years gone, a child was born, a gift from Heaven

Yes it was my Friend, Bronwyn, and yes it is her Birthday
With family and friends she will celebrate in a special way

Though early morning exercise is not her forte
she will enjoy the pictures, of the start of her day

So Bron have a great day
Because the next one is 12 months away.

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Fun Fitness Facts


Walking burns fat, cuts your breast cancer risk helps you sleep better, reduces stress and lifts your mood.

Did you know according to a study in Psychological Science, walking in a natural setting improves memory and attention span by 20%. researchers found this held true whether it was 78F and sunny or the middle of winter.

Other facts are:-

  • 10,000– is the number of steps you should walk daily to maintain your health.
  • 12,500 – 15,000- is the number you should walk daily for weight loss.
  • 30– is the number of minutes of moderate intensity physical activity you should aim for on most days (this can be included in your 10,000 steps).
  • 4-5- miles is roughly how far 10,000 steps will take you
  • 100– is about the minutes it takes to walk 10,000 steps

To keep your urban walking regime fresh and interesting

  • Bring a friend – Research from Oxford University shows exercising in groups releases feel-good endorphins in the brain
  • Take Fido – Ever met a dog that doesn’t like going for a walk.

“If you don’t do different, nothing will change”

SOURCE: Nature and Health, Australia

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