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What’s Up on 1/10/2012

You may not be able to get your prescriptions filled at Walgreens.

On saying that, you can, but you may be paying an arm and a leg for those drugs.

Millions may have to find a new pharmacy to deal with depending on their insurance.

According to HLN this morning, Walgreens and the prescription manager of Express Scripts are in a fight over the fees. The contract that was due to be renewed on the 1st of January 2012 could not be agreed upon between the two companies.

Express Scripts are no longer in the network with Walgreens. If you have been getting your prescription from Walgreens check your drugs and if it has “Express Scripts” on the label then you will know that your particular drug will be costing you more if you buy it from Walgreens. 

Renting and Apartment

According to Clark Howard the rental rates of apartments could be calculated the same way as the price for Airline tickets.

There is a computer program that calculates the occupancy of the apartment complex and alters the rental rate accordingly. You may be paying more or less than your neighbor.

The program weights competing rates and market conditions and other factors to set the rent price.

The complex owners may offer lower rates for less popular units or maybe certain lease terms.

The suggestion is if your rent has jumped substantially then shop around before you sign a new lease as they may not cut a deal like they used to.

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