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Photoscan Those Analog Photo’s – Using Phone


If you’re over the age of, say, 20, odds are you have some old analog photo prints laying around. Instead of buying a scanner to digitize them, use the highly capable camera in your phone and the PhotoScan app from Google. It uses specialized algorithms to detect edges, correct perspective, rotate as needed, and stitch multiple exposures together to get rid of glare. It also integrates seamlessly with Google Photos, and as with nearly all software from Mountain View, it’s completely free.


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Umm – Not For Me

Pirelli, an amazing walk on Christ The Redeemer

I have an aversion to heights so even watching this makes me dizzy. But just imagine if you had the confidence these guys have, how you would enjoy such a gorgeous view. I am in Awe of their courage and being fearless in their job.

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Poem Friday on Tuesday – NoBody is Perfect


Nobody is perfect
Author Lesley Voth

Trial by media I believe for Paula Deen
Many unforgiving of the popular cooking Queen

She is being crucified for a verbal mistake
I mean it was years ago, get over it, for goodness sake

I heard her apologize in an emotional way
I believe, to me it was a genuine display

But no, it seems to be taking up media space
What ever happen to good old Christian grace

Companies taking away her sponsorship
Those on the ‘view’ so pure,not, tearing a strip

In fact 12 companies have cut their ties
Yep, pulled the plug, said their goodbyes

Shame on them thats what I say
She has worked hard to make her way

I know all of us have used a word in a defamatory way
It is only ourselves we degrade and betray

As my Mother said, Sticks and Stones
They May break my bones

But names will never hurt me
Great words, when feeling offended don’t you agree

It is getting tiresome the criticism they inflict
Because I have yet to meet that person who is perfect


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