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Small Savings – Big Fortune

1. Hire a Haggler – Companies such as BillFixers and Shrinkabill will haggle with your cable TV company or other service providers for one-third to half of your first year savings. BillFixers claims it saves clients an average of $300 per year.


2. Become a YouTube handy man – I have friends that use this all the time. The video’s show you how to fix the latch spring on your microwave door and that cold save you $150. It can be used for many household repairs. How and when to plant trees and that could save you killing your very expensive tree. (I have been known to do this).


3. Take a Driving class – Some insurers can offer up to 15% off for older drivers who take an online safety course – that’s up to  $675 over three years on a typical policy. Drive-Safely is one of the online sites

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Vertigo – Would Not Wish It On Anyone


Have you ever suffered the symptoms of Vertigo.

Well I have and do not wish it on anybody. 

One day at my Mum’s place in NZ, I bent down to get a dish out of the cupboard and when I stood up the room just spun and had to hold on to something to stop myself falling. I just thought it was a bit of a dizzy spell from standing up too quickly. My eyes felt funny like a shimmering feeling and I still felt a little strange. I tried to ignore it as I usually do with these sorts of things. I drove my Mum’s car the next day and had to pull over on the side of the road as I seem to be unable to judge corners or passing vehicles. 

So off to the doctors I fled thinking I was having a stroke or at least had one (probably because strokes are in the family DNA). Burst into tears at the door, they rushed me in and the nurses gave me the finger to the nose, smile test and blood pressure (which was a little high for me probably cause I was panicking) but seemed ok. The prognosis from the Doctor was that I had Vertigo. Never heard of it and never had it before.

He told me what it was and how it happens then gave me some sea sick tablets that never worked. It took me several months to get over this and I found it very debilitating. It never really stopped me from doing anything but driving and riding my motorbike was something I had to concentrate doing because I always felt unbalanced.

I googled it up and found different exercises which did help but it did keep coming back. I eventually had ‘Bowen Therapy’ done which I have no idea how it works but it does. Symptoms do  not disappear straight away but within days it seems to fade away.

I actually go get the therapy done every time I go back to Australia just to keep things in balance so hopefully the Vertigo does not come back.

Well it has and have had it mildly for the last two days. As I am in the States and do not know of any Bowen Therapists here, In desperation I did these exercises and it seems it has gone for the time being.

I know of some that get Vertigo and have violent reactions to it like vomiting. Lucky for my I have not had those symptoms.

If I feel it coming on I do these exercises straight away and that helps shift the calcium crystals in your ears that cause this problem.

Here are two videos of the exercises so that if you are unfortunate enough to get Vertigo you can do this straight away to help fix the symptoms.

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The Tapping Solution And Its Enormous Benefits


I was introduced to tapping several years back. I don’t do it every day as I guess I get complacent and don’t think about it till I feel I need it. The reason I started using it was I was looking for a solution to my sleepless nights and found this ‘Tapping’ idea and it worked. unfortuneatly sleepless nights do return, I then tap away and find usually by the second round am ready to go to La La Land.

Its simple and takes no time to do.

These two video’s give you more of an explanation and the science of tapping and a demonstration of the process.

It is simple and “If you don’t do different nothing will change

Try it and if you find benefit from it there is a book called ‘The Tapping Solution which will give you a lot more information and demonstation of the process of Tapping.

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Lt. Col. Colonel John S. Blyth USAF And WG CDR Evan (rosie) Mackie RNZAF Spitfire Fighter Ace’s


After watching this video of the spitfire pilot, Lt. Col. Colonel John S. Blyth USAF I thought I would include 3 video’s of  spitfire dog fights from world war 11 piloted by Dads Brother Uncle Evan.  I searched YouTube to see if there was anything there about him and sure enough I found these 3 video’s. I dont know who did the video graphics.  They may be a bit boring to some but for those like me who have always had an infatuation with these planes it will be quite interesting. You will realise how my Uncle manuvoured this plane with great skill. But of course that was the nature of the beast as he was a very maticulous man in all things.

There has been a book written about him by Max Avery and Christopher Shores called ‘Spitfire Leader.’

It has been recorded that Evan shot down 25 enemy aircraft which is pretty impressive. I can always remember Evan saying in one of his few conversations on the matter,  that when he was flying, there were times he wished he was the person who made the small plaque on the dash with the planes identification number. I am sure there would be a lot of things going through ones mind when heading off to battle. Actually I think my Dad told me that Story.

Evan always maintained his own spitfire as he felt his ability to check it out was his responsibility for the safeguard of  his own life.

He was pretty young when he died, only 68. Maybe the stress of it all shortened his life but he certainly has left his mark. As Evans coffin was being carried from the funeral chapel on the afternoon of 1st May, 1986  an RNZAF Douglas Skyhawk of 75 Squadron thundered low overhead in a final salute. The timing precise just as Evan would have expected.





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Best surfing action from Red Bull Cape Fear 2014

I love watching these video’s. Something about them that is inspiring. The music in this video is great also.

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Wolves Change The Rivers.

This is such an interesting video one the whole family should watch.  What I did not know was there had been no wolves at Yellowstone for 70 years. Fascinating. As long as Yellowstone does not blow up any time soon? This is good news. Never siezes  to amaze one how interconnected our ecology really is!

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Beat Those Roaming Costs On Your Phone Bill

I was listening to the news this morning and one of the news items was a woman who recieved a bill from the phone company for $200,000. The reason being her son who apparently is deaf,  was in canada and used his phone for texting, like 2,000 texts, downloaded video’s and other information from the internet and of course  phone calls. I mean how ridiculous was that. Did that Mother not think to tell him to use the phone only in emergencies or did she not know what the cost of using your phone in another country would be. Anyway I believe the phone company reduced the bill to $2,500. Still that is expensive.
Because I do a lot of travelling I am aware of the cost of using my phone. I was caught once but not again.

Here are some tips to save you the stress.

1. International plans
Wireless carriers say customers can cut costs by subscribing to their international plans, which offer reduced rates for voice calls, text messaging and data streaming.
AT&T, for example, charges a “standard international roaming rate” of $1.39 a minute for wireless phone calls made or received in France. Subscribers to AT&T’s World Traveler program — who pay $5.99 a month for reduced rates in more than 150 countries — pay 99 cents a minute in France.
AT&T suggest that before you go travelling contact them and discuss where you will be traveling to and how often you expect to use the phone. The International plan that AT&T have is supposed to save you hundreds of dollars but I am sure if you are not careful you will have a shock when you get home at the bill you will recieve.
Good suggestion but not the best.

2. More control over roaming charges.
a. Truphone – Truphone’s Tru SIM international cards let you place a roaming SIM (subscriber identity module) card inside your GSM (global system for mobile communications) phone, a wireless technology standard used by AT&T and T-Mobile. With a basic Tru Essential plan, which costs $30 a month, you get 100 minutes to use in the USA, Britain, the Netherlands and Australia. Each additional minute costs 10 cents to 20 cents. Data costs are as low as 10 cents a megabyte, depending on the plan.

b. XCom Global – Offers unlimited data for $17.95 a day ($14.95 a day for members).The company offers a mobile hot spot device that can connect a smartphone, a laptop and up to three other devices to the Internet in 67 countries. With some smartphones, the hot-spot device and a Skype mobile app, cheap international calls can be made.

c. Tep Wireless – Rents both a pocket Wi-Fi hot spot and local smartphones. Tep Wireless charges $6.50 a day for five-day use of a smartphone in Britain. Unlimited data and 100 local texts are included. You can pay extra for voice calls — $12.50 for 250 minutes of international calls and 20 minutes of local calls.

3. PrePaid sim Card – This is what I do, it allows me to keep track of how much I am spending and most of all when I get home from traveling I don’t have and exorbitant phone bill waiting for me. I have my Iphone unlocked by my provider and that allows me to purchase and use a prepaid sim card in whatever country I am in. Just a word of advice though put your sim cards in a safe place. They are so small that they can easily be lost. I always wrap them up and put them in my passport or in part of my briefcase where it won’t slip out.



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The Ten Most Popular Web Videos Of 2008



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