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A Tuesday Belly Laugh🤣

Most people know this to be true

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True Thoughts Tuesday

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September 10, 2018 · 11:36 PM

Tips For Cheaper AirTravel


These tips are fresh off Fox news this morning from an Expedia representative

1. The cheapest Days to Travel


2. The best day to book

It used to be Tuesday now its SUNDAY

You could get up to as much as 11% saving

3. Book 21 days in advance.

It is called advanced purchase ticket pricing. Dont wait till it gets closer to your travel date as the prices will normally increase as it gets closer to your departure date.

4. Leisure Travel
You could get as much as a 50% saving if you include a Saturday night (considered leisure travel). It is common in countries around Europe. Not so much in China.

5. To Avoid Airport congestion

Arrive 2 hours early for domestic flights
Arrive 3 hours early for International flights
Check in with your smart phone 24 hrs before flight and select your seat to secure it.

6. Deals in January – South of the Border. Mexico

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Something To Make You Smile On A Tuesday

This has got to give you a good feeling smile

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Poem Friday on Tuesday – NoBody is Perfect


Nobody is perfect
Author Lesley Voth

Trial by media I believe for Paula Deen
Many unforgiving of the popular cooking Queen

She is being crucified for a verbal mistake
I mean it was years ago, get over it, for goodness sake

I heard her apologize in an emotional way
I believe, to me it was a genuine display

But no, it seems to be taking up media space
What ever happen to good old Christian grace

Companies taking away her sponsorship
Those on the ‘view’ so pure,not, tearing a strip

In fact 12 companies have cut their ties
Yep, pulled the plug, said their goodbyes

Shame on them thats what I say
She has worked hard to make her way

I know all of us have used a word in a defamatory way
It is only ourselves we degrade and betray

As my Mother said, Sticks and Stones
They May break my bones

But names will never hurt me
Great words, when feeling offended don’t you agree

It is getting tiresome the criticism they inflict
Because I have yet to meet that person who is perfect


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Poem Friday – Muscles I Never Knew I Had


Muscles I Never Knew I had
Author Lesley Voth

After a few weeks from rigorous training
I have found my first week back at the gym rather draining

Swam for one hour, lay in the sauna on monday Morning
Arrived Tuesday, feeling not to bad, but a little tired and yawning

Now I had read about this new weight lifting idea
Go very very slow, no fast moves, very good for the rear

Did that, not too bad, worked till I got little shakes
Then did the arms, again slow, just enough to feel a small burn and aches

After an hour of body work, I felt my training should come to an end
After all I had the whole day to work so did not want to outspend

Went to bed early, to get a good nights sleep
In the morning I did not bounce out of bed, I had to creep

I had muscles that were not there before
That new system well it works well that is for sure

By Thursday I was not feeling so bad
But I tell you I found muscles I never knew I had

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How To Deal With Tuesdays

Totally agree with this.


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Best Day For The Best Deals

According to Smart Money Magazine there are certain days of the week for bargain hunting and scoring good deals.

Retailers often have a specific day of the week that they offer big discounts. I know that my closest Academy store has Tuesday as the day it reduces some items.

Smart money suggests:

Sunday – Usually a day when retailers tend to reduce the price of appliances.

Monday – Groceries and personal stuff, cars and electronics.

Tuesday – Travel. This I know for sure. If you look for booking a flight to the destination of your desire, at midnight Tuesday there is a strong chance that you will get a good deal on your flight. My friends also have tried this with great success.

Wednesday – A runner-up to Tuesday for travel. The worst time to buy airline tickets is the weekend.

Thursday – Clothes online and traditional retailers tend to start the weekend sales early on this day.

So there you have it. If you want bargains choose your day.

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