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This is crazy funny – Too Realūüėā

A Millennial Job Interview
I am not in a position to employ a millennial but I believe those who do, this video is close to the truth. LOL well sort of.

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Inflammation the Curse to Your Healthūüí¶


I was reading this article today and for those of us that do a lot of reading on health matters we are very well aware that inflammation in the body is basically a death threat. 

Dr. Dwight Lundell – who has been a heart surgeon for 25¬†years¬†–¬†his words – ¬† without inflammation being present in the body¬†there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause heart disease and strokes. Without inflammation, cholesterol would move freely throughout the body as nature intended. It is inflammation that causes cholesterol to become trapped.”

It appears that with bad health most practitioners will dish out medication in the hopes that it will fix the problem. It will not. Getting rid of inflammation from your body is the only way.

As Dr. Dwight Lundell says inflammation is  quite simply your body’s natural defense to a foreign invader such as a bacteria, toxin or virus. 

Here are 3 simple ways to fight inflammation as the good doctor recommends

  1.  Watch what you eat and don’t eat foods that have labels with words you can’t even pronounce or foods that would be better suited for a Sci-fi movie than a human body.  Foods in their natural form are not harmful to the human body.
  2. Watch what you drink.  Many of our beverages-of-choice are acidic and the promote inflammation!  Is that soda, sports drink or alcoholic beverage really worth the ultimate price you pay?
  3. Hydrate!  The blood is 90% water and your body needs LOTS of water to fight inflammation.  But not just any water will do.  Water laced with chemicals out of the tap just worsens your state of inflammation as the body fights hard to process what it isn’t equipped to handle.  On the other hand, most bottled waters not only have chemicals from the plastics but they are void of minerals that the body desperately needs.  For inflammation (and lots of other reasons) you’ll want to drink Electrolyzed Reduced Water.  

Now these are his words, but very much in keeping with what I believe and why I have the best Electrolyzed  Water machine in the world that being the Enagic K8 Kangen Water machine. 


Kangen water is pure clean Ionized water with a Ph level of alkaline water that will improve your health and help rid any inflammation in the body. Consequently help to improve your chances of getting obliterating  cancer, cholesterol, and many other disease complications.

Dr Dwight Lundell is very controversial on this subject and been criticized by his profession but I believe it to be very close to the truth and maybe what drug companies do not want to hear. I think he has support about this all around the world.


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Signs You See Only In Australia

On the golf course


The Outback Waterhole


The Friendly Beach Welcome


The Unnecessary Warning


The No Brainer


The Garden Centre


The Honest Truth


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Rather Disturbing Don’t You Think

When I watched this I thought how so graphically true. Parts of it a little too graphic for me, but it does get the message across. I do get a little annoyed at so much, what I call ‘Greeny’ stuff coming across the net but this one really caught my eye and realized it is pretty close to the truth. We do have a lot to answer for and there will be consequences in one way or another.

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Truth About 95% of ‘Green Products’

This is very interesting and worth the study before you spend your hard earned money on what you think is a safe  product and you are doing your bit to save the world from destruction.

Green Marketing Exposed
Created by: Marketing Degree

If you don’t do different nothing will change

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Poem Friday on Saturday – Does The Truth Set You Free?

Does the truth set you free
Author – Lesley Voth

Not if you have told a lie first

Not if it was for greed, the power thirst.

Why is it that we think it is alright

For those in power, to lie to us day and night.

Have you not lost faith in those who control our lives

What of the future for their own children, their husbands, their wives

Those politicians who stretch the truth

What example are they to our youth

This condemnation of the Wikileaks crew

Are they not exposing the lies of many bureaucrats, not just a few

Are we not entitled to freedom of information

Do we not need to know of the problems of their creation

I am sorry about the bull shit we are fed

We need to know the truth not lies instead

If these governments were not now in fear

Then they would be comfortable with all that we are about to hear.

Does the truth set you free.

Ask Julian Assange  I bet he would say – “No they will not let that be”

Does the truth set you free?

No not always  – not always will that be

But it restores faith which we no longer enjoy

From those who make promises but later destroy.

Now I have said what I wanted to say

Expect to be told the absolute truth every day

Accept no less, be an example in every way

Do not allow, do not accept, do not allow your question to be sidestepped

Living in the truth is a beautiful and stressless concept

Let the truth set YOU free

Because for YOU that will always be.


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Real story: one child‚Äôs most exciting day

If you, as a teacher, ask children to tell the class about their best day of the week, you get the most amazing stories. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes a bit different…

Dutch audio, but the English subtitles tell the story.

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