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Thought for Today – Stop and Smell The Roses ❤️

Remember that old saying “Stop and smell the Roses”. The way we are using technology these days we are not looking around at our surroundings. Was on the tram in Melbourne yesterday and noticed not one of those around me were looking at anything but their phones. I guess they may have done that trip many times but you know, each day something different happens – they miss it. Don’t see it.

We should all try at least once a day or once a week,” Stop and smell the roses”.
Just sayin.

“If you don’t do different, nothing will change”

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Dancing party on the Train – Perth

You could call this dancing the trip away. So cool every train trip should be this way. Keep those heads out of the smartphones and having fun with each other. You never know who you might meet.

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Poem Friday « The Trip To Sturgis « 8/27/2010

The Trip To Sturgis
Author: Lesley Voth

Every year we ride from Houston to South Dakota
Only stop for fuel, a drink, then off on our bikes we motor

Two and a half days of riding to get there
Fantastic roads, great weather, the wind in our hair.

Our bikes all trim and prepared for the trip
1400 miles to the Spearfish Township

This is an annual trip to the Sturgis Rally
The Motorbikes that go there is about a 500,000 tally

People from around the world and many nations
skimpily clad women, dressed in fabulous creations

Guys with their decked out bike
New inventions, colors, hot motors, many I like

Bob our friend and I, test rode a trike
With Bob at the wheel, that insecure feeling I did not like

We decided it wasn’t the bike for us
We rode many more and that was a bonus

The roads are just made for bikes in the Blackhills
Great curves, road conditions requiring nerve and taught skills

The steep roads, scenery and canyons, fast roads and cops
Lucky for us , going the other way. The feeling is tops

We rode the Bears tooth pass at Yellow Stone Park
Crazy steep, narrow road, we stopped at the 9,000 ft landmark.

The riding we experience on these roads
The great beauty, the breathtaking scenery is not easy to unload

Unless you see it, and feel it to the core
A lot of pictures and explanations to others, is a bore.

A wonderful time but now the trip home
Back to reality no more to roam

Back to Texas was as hot as hell
When we got to a friend’s place, clothes and all in the pool I fell.

Man, that heat is cruel and draining
It was good to get home as my energy was waning.

What a wonderful experience that trip to the Rally
Meet our Canadian friends Joe and Crystal, for 8 years, that’s the tally

We have lots of fun and laughter
Lots of stories told many times after

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