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Did You Know – 03/23/2015


1. That Canada is the country which invented the ‘Walkie Talkies’ the snow mobile, trivial pursuit and the egg carton. Thats enough to make my husband feel proud (Canadian).

2. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is known by the stage name of ‘Lady Gaga’


3. If you have ever watched NZ play football you will be aware of the ‘Haka’ they perform before every game.It is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance, or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. “Ka mate Ka mate, Ka ora, Ka ora”,the words of prominence, roughly translate to ‘I die, I die, I live, I Live.


4. A gerund is a noun made from a verb. It always ends with the three letters ‘ing’

5. The South Pacific nation of ‘Tuvalu’ has recently released ‘Star Trek’ coins as legal tender.


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“The Great New Zealand Trek” 2011

I have just been reminded that this trek is soon to begin again for 2011. I believe it is an experience of a lifetime.
Check it out on their site. “The Great New Zealand Trek”

It is all for a good cause as well as the great experience.
You may not be able to make it this year but keep a spot in your diary for next year. I am going to try to get to NZ to do the trek next year. Tough but will be fun I am sure.

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The Great New Zealand Trek

In 2006 the Great New Zealand Trek began from Cape Reinga as an annual week long trek designed to give people the opportunity to walk, horse ride or mountain bike the length of the country piece by piece.

My brother Frank just completed a 245 kilometer (152 miles) trek about 2 weeks ago. The trek is for a week and participants hike 35kms (22 miles) a day. He said it was extremely challenging, but a wonderful experience. I was hoping there was some photo’s on the site, but apparently they are not on the site yet.

Here are some photo’s taken of Frank on and after a days walk.



My brother Frank, who is now 70, I would not call him fit, but obviously fit enough, said some of the hills rose from 100 meters (328 feet) above sea level to 500 meters (1,640 feet), like straight up. He said he has never felt so tired in his lifetime, but exilerated. He said it was a great experience. Frank said he will be doing it again next year.

Pixie, Frank’s wife, went on the Trek, but as a volunteer. Their group made sure all the tents were up and ready for the trekkers arrival and in the morning took them down and packed them. Pixie said it was so much fun, and had a great time. So if you didn’t want to trek you could volunteer and at the same time get to see some beautiful country side.

You can do this trek anyway you want to, on horse, bicycle, walk, or run; however, you want to do it. My brother chose to walk. They also have a shuttle bus available for those who maybe only want to walk part of the way.

I thought I would make a post of this trek because if anyone has the opportunity to go to NZ to do this, I think it would be an experience of a lifetime, plus at the same time you are assisting a charity.

I am not sure of all the costs, but you can find all the information on the website. The Great New Zealand Trek

The Great New Zealand Trek

Great NZ Trek 2008 No. 3.


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