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Poem Friday – My Trip To Alaska

This Trip To Alaska
Author – Lesley Voth

This has been an eventful two weeks
From the 5th Of July traveled many roads, over many creeks

I am on my way to Alaska, that place that is cold
fantastic wilderness, Great experience I am told

But I have to say, I experience beautiful scenery on our way
This Country of America is fantastic, natures gateway

Its road is a motorcyclist heaven, their ultimate dream
For us a release of stress, happiness and to let off steam

Back, to this trip, to the subject in hand
This trip with my friends Dennis and Marcy, wonderful and grand

We have had a few things that motorcyclist fear
I had blown tire, Dennis’s confrontation with motorcycle and deer

Luckily for us Dennis is physically not too damaged
His motorcycle patched up, back on the road, repairs managed

So tomorrow we will be on our way
I will finish this story on another day

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