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Did You Know – 03/06/2017


  1. Sauna – A study of 2000 middle aged me by the University of East Finland found those who used the sauna four to seven times a week were 66 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with dementia, compared to those who only went one a week. 


      2. Nutmeg – A pinch is ok to add flavors. But if ingested in larger doses like 2 tablespoons, or 5g it can have hallucinogenic effect. It contains a chemical myristicin, a natural compound that has mind altering effects like LSD.



3.  You can get a momentary ink print of a Tattoo design that you may like. It last 3 to 10 days,  its like try before you dye


4. It can be easier to tell if someone is lying when you cannot see their face. In some courts around the world witnesses are not allowed to wear hijab or niqab because of the long held belief that seeng someones face helps you detect lies. New studies show lie detection accuracy was higher when witnesses were veiled because observers focused on the verbal clues of deception. Visual clues were more of a distraction




5. They  are using Eagles to take out illegal drones. Because small drones are often seen to commit crimes or fly over restricted airspaces.  Countries like France and the Netherlands are training the birds to hunt them down. Success rates have been as high as 80%.


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Getting a Tattoo – Expect These Pain Levels

Off to get a tattoo? Are you are wondering is it going to hurt? –  This chart will tell you what to expect.



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Edinburgh Tattoo 2014 – Going Home

This gives me shivers and tears to my eye’s.
It is so beautiful. I guess it is the sound of Bag Pipes that does it. It is also a beautiful arrangement.
Also it may have something to do with my Scottish ancestral background and that my Dad played the Bag Pipes for years and yes I am going home to the land of Australia in three weeks. Miss you Dad and your Pipes.

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Poem Friday – Memorial Tattoo

I thought this deserved the Poem Friday site today.

Sharon Swates shows a memorial tattoo to her sons on active service during the Ink For Heroes event on June 18, 2011 in Catterick, England. Ink For Heroes is a charity event to raise money and awareness of the soldiers that are injured during service, with all proceeds going to both ‘Help The Heroes’ and ‘The British Legion’. Injured soldiers can also get tattooed for free during the event. (Bethany Clarke/Getty Images) #

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