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Poem Friday – 09/11/2015 – Our Tom’s Memorial


The Memorial for our Tom Was held last Friday Week
The weather was partly sunny and partly bleak


Most of his friends wore the distinctive white hat
As Tom used to wear, rain, wind or hail on his head it sat


Our Tom he was a return soldier a Vietnam Vet
For His countries appreciation, The Purple Heart medal he did get

To the Houston National Cemetery we all rode our bikes in formation
As we are so proud of him as a person and he fought for the USA nation


To witness this ceremony for me was an honor and a blessing
The patriot guards Standing attention with the pride they were addressing


As the ceremony started tears from Heaven fell again
Those men stood at attention with the flags, in that pouring rain


The tradition of the gun salute and the bugle playing Taps
Made you feel so proud to be a witness, gave me goose bumps as silence lapse


The flag folding ceremony was equally impressive with great precision
To his son it was presented, I am sure Tom  would have been proud with that decision


Just as the ceremony finished, no kidding, there was a single clap of thunder
Some one said the Gates of Heaven just opened, was he present?, it makes you wonder


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I Finally Got My Sink Fixed…

I thought this was funny. On the other hand it is not a bad idea. You could have taps like these in your bar.

Cheers!!! Don’t worry the left handle does white wine!! .


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Taps: The Bugler’s Cry-The Origin of Sounding Taps

Yes, a rainy day and a day for reading emails that I normally skip over during the week. One was from a friend in Australia and it came to me as a tear jerking PowerPoint on the story of Taps. Well, after getting all emotional and choked up about the story I thought I would do some research on it to see if it was true. Although it wasn’t the true story, the true story is equally touching. Here is a 6-minute story of a beautiful American tradition.

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