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A Talented 6 Year Old

This video is 7 years old but its the first time I have seen it. That talented little girl will now be 13 years old. I wonder if she is still playing.

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Great Video – Jeremy Buck – Turn My Ship Around

Very talented.

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The Chooky Dancers – Australian Aboriginal Group


The Chooky Dancers From Australia – Talented group of Aboriginals

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Poem Friday – 06/06/2014 – Bottle Of Champagne For Two – Just Me And You




I remember this day it was almost 10 years ago
I had red hair, new boobs, that’s how I know

My friend Cindy she passed away 2 days ago, in the night
Beautiful Cindy, pure delight, God Why? It is so not right

I am trying not to weep but the tears just flow
She would not want sadness, they say she is at peace, I know, I know

But my heart hurts and I cannot help that choking feeling
She wont be there when I get back to Australia, that’s what I am dealing

Picture 8

Outrigger Paddling she loved and that’s how we met
Some curly-headed mates in the picture above, we all had fun you bet

Picture 3

She loved the freedom the feeling of the ocean
She was talented, creative, her family, her devotion

She leaves behind Grandchildren who will not know her as we knew
But I know she has left them things to remember, as she bid adieu

Well Cindy, you have passed, and our lives move forward in great stride
Till we meet again for sure on the other side

When I get back to Australia I will buy a bottle of champagne for two
Will sit in your beautiful garden by the pool and drink it just me and you

Picture 1

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Reverse Graffiti – Clever and Talented Artists

Reverse graffiti, also known as clean tagging, dust tagging, grime writing, green graffiti or clean advertising, is a method of creating temporary or semi permanent images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. It is often done by removing dirt/dust with the fingertip(s) from windows or other dirty surfaces, such as writing ‘wash me’ on a dirty vehicle. Others, such as artist Moose, use a cloth or a high power washer to remove dirt on a larger scale.


Reverse graffiti 1

Reverse graffiti 10 Reverse graffiti 9 Reverse graffiti 8 Reverse graffiti 7 Reverse graffiti 6 Reverse graffiti 5 Reverse graffiti 4 Reverse graffiti 3

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Unassuming And Talented – Hunter Hayes – Jambalaya With Hank Williams jr

He is only 4 years of age. I am always so amazed at such young fantastic talent and he’s ‘Lovin it’ and so is his audience

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