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20 designers – Amazing Stuff

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LOL But Really Mean It 😠

People who have dogs and take them for a walk and do not pick up their Dog Poo are ignorant. Stepping in that stuff makes me ‘dry reach’ (close to vomit)

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Take My Money 😍

Hey there is some good stuff here

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Vegetables – No fungicides, No pesticides, No herbicides – Amazing Stuff

This is an 8 min video which is talking about the new innovative way for agriculture. Very interesting and appears to produce some tasty vegetables. Its not hydroponics if that is what you are thinking. Very exciting for those who like clean food.

Now they are doing something different

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How to Recycle Jeans – Who Would Have thought!!


Some people are so imaginative when it comes to utilizing and recycling stuff.

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Saving Tip For Today – 07/25/2013


Finding Free Stuff – Web sites like Freebie-depot.com, Mrfreestuff.com and shop4freebies.com offer samples of products and online coupons and rebates

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Places To Get Rid Of Unwanted Things.

One Persons Trash is another persons Treasure. Often when you are doing your decluttering thing, it is hard to figure out where all that stuff should go, who to give it to.

I hope the websites and information below will be of help to you, I assure you it will be a help to those in need.

Cell Phones: Go to cellphonesforsoldiers.com These phones are sold to a recycling company and the proceeds go towards calling cards for our soldiers.

Eyeglasses: Go to Onesight.org. Bifocals and nonprescription sunglasses These glasses go to 21 clinics aroung the world.

Computer Equipment: Go to Cristina.org Computer, printers, software, fax machine, monitors, mouse or any other parts.

Musical Instruments: Go to therootsofmusic.com Non profit organization in New Orleans provides students with academic tutoring and hot meals. Instruments must be in working order.

Furniture: go to Nationfurniturebank.org Find a local furniture bank near you  and they will pick up your furniture and distribute to families in need. Beds, dressers, nightstand, tables chairs, sofas and lamps.

Batteries: Go to Battery recycling.com Order a irecycle kit from Battery solutions. Fill the kit, which holds 12 pounds with any type of battery. Rechargeables, cellphone batters etc. Drop the prepaid box at any US post Office for Fedex location.

Books: Go to Books for Africa.com . Reference books should be published within the last 10 years. All kinds of books accepted.

Paint, Tools, and other building supplies: Go to Habitat.org. Drop off Paint, tools and other building materials at your local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Sports Equipment: Go to Sportsgift.org Helps underprivileged children enjoy sports. Risbees, baseballs, cheats, and more. They will refurbish and sistibute them to the needy in America and abroad.

Yoga Mats: Go to recycleyourmat.com. Wipe it down and roll it up and send it to Recycle your Mat. Donated to local community programs.

Video Games: go to donategames.org. Proceeds from these games go to medical research to help fight rare, life-threatening or debilitating diseases.

Winter Coats: Go to onewarmcoat.org.  Make sure they are clean and all closures work.

Business attire: Go to careergear.org. Supplied to disadvantaged job-seeking women. Jackets, skirts, pants, shirts, and accessories. Mens suits also.

Bridesmaid Dresses: go to donatemydress.org  Given to disadvantaged teenage girls for their perfect prom attire.

Cocktail dresses: Go to Housing Works Thrift Shop. Sales go towards training, medical treatment and more to the homeless and low-income people living with HIV and AIDS


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