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Speaking Exchange Between The Young And The Old

I think this is a wonderful Idea. No 1 reason, that it helps students from other countries learn to speak english and establish a great friendship and No 2, it allows the retired to keep up their computer skill and communicate with the young.
Obviously from this video, they develop quite the relationship with each other. I believe this is something that should be encouraged between countries as there are a lot of retired people that have time on their hands, where teachers and lecturers do not.
Another good reason is that these adults and children get a better understanding of each others cultures.

This is a must watch

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Facebook is not such an Evil Influence on Students

For me the jury on Face-Book is still out. I have stopped using Face book for the reason it takes up too much of my time and I really like to keep my life reasonably private.

Statistics in the info-graphic below shows that it has advantages for the student and is not all bad.
You can make your own opinion.

Facebook and Grades
Via: OnlineEducation.net

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Asian Students – Academic Prowess

I am “Down Under” at this moment. New Zealand to be precise.
I thought I might share this article that I have read in the magazine “North & South”. It is a very well-regarded magazine which has won the “Qantas Newsstand Magazine of the Year”.

Anyway to cut a long story short I was reading this article on why Asian Children come top of their class.
The story was written by Donna chisholm, the magazines editor-at-large.

Professor Jim Flynn who has made a career of studying IQ and what shapes it, explains the Asian academic excellence.

He starts off by giving an example of what he see’s as the difference in the cultures.

“A black doctor’s kid opens his schoolbooks and his father says, ‘Lets go shoot some baskets at the back of the garage’. The Jewish doctor screams at his kid until he studies. The Chinese kid sits down and opens his books without being asked.”

In his straight forward observation, he believes a Chinese child can concede seven IQ points to a European kid and still match him for school grades. The gap does not appear to close in adulthood.

Jim Flynn believes the Chinese capitalize on their human qualities of excellence.
A Chinese kid with an IQ of 93 or above – 80% are in professional, managerial, or technical professions.
In comparison a white kid with an IQ of 100 – only about 60% go into the same type of profession.

Asians make up under 10% of the New Zealand population but account for 30% of the annual intake at Auckland medical school.

He believes their ethic of hard work gives them the success.
According to American Statistics Chinese children on average are about three points higher in IQ because they are overwhelmingly from professional homes.

On making these comments Flynn suggested that Asians, because of the tradition of authority, hard work and learning, they have a hard time “Thinking outside the square”.

That of course is not true of asian scientists who have made great contributions but commonly never make the top-level.

Asians excel in Music, Maths and it seems that this generation of Asian New Zealanders appear are drawn to Poetry and literature.

Jim Flynn’s comments are of course based on his studies and opinion which I am sure some would not agree.
A child with an IQ of 100 may not be ambitious or motivated but it appears that in most cases Asian children of that IQ, are usually both. Their Sociological strengths allow them to excel and achieve.

SourceProfessor Jim Flynn

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