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My Amazing K8 – Strong Kangen Water



My fabulous K8 machine. Amazing Water💦This is only some of what it can do



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To India and The Rest Of the World – Drink Well Be Healthy


I thought I would write an article to my readers in other parts of the world than USA and Australia. The reason being this is such a good product and I wanted you to know that you are able to get these filters in your country. Just contact us and let us know what type of filter you are wanting and we can arrange to have it sent to you. First of all call us or email us (david@davidvoth.com) so that we can give you all the information you are looking for. If you go to our website  http://www.lifechanging-water.com/ there is also a free ebook that will give you all the information that you would like to know. There is also a business opportunity with this product that is extremely profitable so if that interests you as well please don’t hesitate to ask.


The Kangen water filter – Grades of water and uses

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-9-36-47-am8.5pH – 9.5pH (Alkaline Water)

Drinking ionized alkaline water can lead to incredible health benefits. It is soft, smooth, delicious and nutritious. It will improve the color, taste and aroma of any water based beverage. With an ability to draw out flavor, it make absolutely amazing tea




4.0 – 6.0pH (Beauty Water)

Astringency. This water has the ability to cause contraction of body tissues. The slightly acidic pH allows it to firm and tone the skin. It also helps hydrate the skin, keeping it looking smooth and youthful. It also is excellent for hair, restoring luster and adding bounce and body.


11.5 pH (strong Alkaline Water)

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-9-46-48-amThis grade of water has an extremely high pH level. This higher pH packs a punch, giving the water the ability to emulsify oily messes. Excellent for a natural kitchen clean up: No dangerous chemical residue or harsh fumes





2.5 pH (strong Acidic Water)screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-9-53-55-am

Strong acidic water is so powerful it can kill bacteria. In official lab tests, it was effective in killing 99.999% of Salmonella, Staff and E-coli in only 30 seconds. Able to kill germs but safe enough to sterilize kitchen surfaces and even the food being prepared. I personally use it to wash my vegetables when I bring them home from the supermarket. I am amazed and the residue that comes off the fruit and vegetables and the bonus being they last a lot longer before deteriorating.

These are only some of the benefits of the Kangen Water filter which once again I must say cannot live without now that I have one. I love it.





Information contact

My Husband:

David Voth (281) 239-6410

Enagic® Distributor ID #8713907






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Did You Know – 12/12/2016


1. Anybody that takes Vitamin C should avoid the following Soft drinks: Sunkist, Fanta, Diet Coke, Sprite, & Pepsi Max.
These drinks contain Sodium Benzoate 211 on the label. A chemical reaction between Vitamin C and Sodium Benzoate creates Benzine a highly carcinogenic chemical.
Benzine has the ability to severely damage the DNA in the Mitochondria to the point that it totally inactivates it, knocks it out altogether. The Mitochondria consumes Oxygen to give you energy, and if you damage it, then the cell starts to malfunction very seriously, often fatally, a whole array of Diseases has been tied to the damage to the DNA, including Parkinson’s Disease and quite a lot of neurodegenerative Diseases. For more on this story go to the source below.
Source: Wakeup World


2. Dogs can remember things that happen when they were not paying attention. New evidence suggests that like humans, dogs have episodic memory which lets you remember specific events from your life by absorbing them as they occur, even when they don’t seem relevant. This trait is linked to self-awareness, and scientists used to think it only evolved in primates.

“Dogs probably pay more attention to us than we think and observe us more than we think,”  explained by the lead author Claudia Fugazza, an ethnologist at the University of Eotvos Lorand in Budapest.


3.  3ca58e6a03716d36dedfb018f5d54df0

Your brain is wired to respond to music, even when you are not really listening to it. A recent study showed that even when highly focused and distracted by another task, Peoples pupils dilated in reaction to patterns of strong and weak beat omissions, suggesting we have an inherent sense for expectation of rhythm.




Hippopotamuses are considered to be the most dangerous animals in Africa. Though they are herbivores, hippos are aggressively territorial and kill thousands of humans every year because despite weighing nearly 10,000 pounds a hippo can run 19 mph – almost twice the speed of an average human




There is a song that is been proven to reduce anxiety by 65%. It is called weightless by Macaroni Union and it was specifically designed to slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and lower cortisol levels. It is so effective that it is dangerous to drive while listening to it because it can make you drowsy

You can buy this on Amazon

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Build Them Strong – Wise Words

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 1.20.54 PM

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December 15, 2015 · 12:38 PM

Puppy Flip

I guess you could say he has strong front legs. That is so cute.

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How To Make A Perfect Tea From A T/Bag

This is a handy guide. I love my tea strong (like my men) and often when you are visiting and are asked if you would like a cup of tea you can bet your tea will come looking like dish water even after you tell them you like it strong. This guide is a great idea because it give you a way to politely suggest how to make a strong cup of tea. I am not going to present them with the guide but it gives me an image of what is required for a certain strength because when I am making my own I really don’t pay much attention to how long I leave the tea bag in the cup.

How to make the perfect cup of tea http-::www.utilityjournal.com:tip-sheet-tea

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Poem Friday 11/09/2012 – I will Not Be Able To Hold My breath For That Long

The excitement over, the election done
The President of America, Obama won

Disappointed, yes, I thought Romney was ahead
We got another four years of Obama instead

Watch out Bruce Springsteen and Jay Z
I believe your income will be taxed big time, you’ll see

When it does, your lifestyle cut, don’t come moaning, do we care?  not us
Because I think you have helped put America under a bus

Did you not learn when young that nothing is free
Free health care, I know that is never to be

I come from a Country that has that system in place
Who pays for it, You will, because money does not come from outer space

So all you rappers, rockers and film stars and wanna b’s
You have helped persuade others away from the realities

There are no free lunches, you can see that in Greece
The place is rioting a long way from peace

America was a place of invention and free enterprise
Exciting, a land of promise, adventure, risk and no compromise

As you can tell I am disappointed and yes rather sad
Because America’s demise will affect the rest of the world, that is bad

I hope for this great country I am very wrong
That it will become the power it was. Loud and strong
But I will not be able to hold my breath for that long

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