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Did You Know – 03/27/2017

1. Hookworm larvae are to be injected into coeliacs in bid to treat gluten intolerance

James Cook University Australia, doctors John Croese and Paul Giacomin hope to find a drug derived from the parasites to treat gluten intolerance.
The larvae are put under a bandage, they burrow into the patients’ skin to make their way into their intestines.Hookworms do not breed within the human body so there is no chance of the parasite multiplying to dangerous numbers.
Results: Some Participant in the trial ate pizza for the first time in 15 years.
The future of worm therapy is likely to involve the manufacture of synthetic versions of these worm proteins in the laboratory in the hope that eventually they could become a pill-based medication to treat a variety of inflammatory diseases, including coeliac disease.

Source: For more interesting information on this research

2. That you can grow roses from cuttingsSimply cut healthy stems, place them in large potatoes, and them bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peet moss and top soil. The potatoes keep the stems moist and help develop the root systems. It’s a perfectly simple way to multiply your rose garden without spending lots of time and money.

3. How Margarine is made? –


4. Brunch?

5. About Tap water v’s Bottled water.


Of course Kangen water is your best bet when consuming water. No plastic and no chemicals.


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Black Friday » Hold Spending! Cheaper In Weeks To Come


According to HLN money and Fox Business News Black Friday may not be the cheapest price for your Christmas goodies.

Toys: These will be cheaper in a two of weeks. The retailers will be unloading what they could not sell on Black Friday. Be aware though just before Christmas those prices will increase to catch the last minute shoppers.

Electronics: These also will be cheaper in two weeks. It has been suggested that they will be at least 5% cheaper than the Black Friday prices.

So in my opinion take it easy on the spending today. Don’t get carried away with all the Christmas, cheap cheap, hoo haa. Just Sayin

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Quiz – Are You A Shopaholic?

Did you know that about 2% of people have a spending addiction. That doesn’t seem very many you might say to yourself, well I did anyway. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry uncontrolled spending has its consequences of debt, lying to spouse and to family, mood swings, low self esteem, massive guilt and more, which can be just as devastating as being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

See if your spending is safe or sinister. Ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you suffer from a shopping hangover, suffer remorse the next day or by the time you get home, on the way home?

2. Are you constantly visiting the ATM machine because you are short on cash or borrowing money for the necessary items like FOOD?

3. Do most of your purchases lie in the back of the wardrobe, unused and with the labels still on?

4. Do you shop because you think you deserve it or are stressed or feeling lonely or depressed?

5. Do you shop for a new outfit every time you are going to a function, because you think what you have is not good enough?

If you answer yes to most of these questions you need to consider:

  • Take the time to figure out your feelings. Spending addiction often masks an inadequacy, pain, feeling hurt by some remark, loneliness. Get some quiet time and soul searching.
  • Get a referral to a councilor. From your doctor or Salvation Army or call lifeline. There are many organizations that offer this service. Phone someone you trust, a friend before putting a hand in your purse for the credit card. Explain to them your problem, don’t ignore it. It is very real.
  • Break the pattern. Change your behavior by making a plan. Take a look at your spending habits be it online, or at the mall. Studies have shown that most of the online spending is done in the evening. If this your issue then don’t turn the computer on in the evenings. Stay away from it. Have a relaxing bath, play some music, read a book. Is mall shopping your problem, then just stay away. Go to the movies if you have the urge to splurge.
  • Only use cash. Compulsive spending expert Dr Ruth Engs says this makes it easier to track your spending. Gives you more control.

Learn the lesson – Regret can be a powerful motivator for change. Think to yourself “What is it that I need to do to change this situation”. If you don’t like the feeling of regret, then you must do different, so you are able to overcome this feeling and regain your power.

Don’t dwell on what might have been – Solves nothing. If you have spent on something you regret, take it back to the shop or if that is not possible ‘live with it’ what is done is done. Make the effort not to be in that powerless situation again.

Boost your mood – Give away one chore you have to do today and use that time for quiet reflection. Re frame the events of the day, take deep breaths and clear your head of negative thoughts.

Look if this is your problem, get some help, take that weight off your shoulders. Float, be self assured and know that you are in control, love your life again.

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No Way Out.

Like the Author of this article , I don’t like to sound pessimistic and don’t like writing articles of doom and gloom. I am not a conspiracy theorist and I really do like to present a positive future. I try not to get myself involved in any particular politics as in my opinion they are all a bunch of people who stretch the truth and don’t work for the good of the people and totally out of touch with reality.

Here comes the “But”. But this time I wanted to share with you an article I read which I thought explains so well where we are going and why. It is not looking very ‘Rosy’.

We all need to Stop, Look, and Listen and I know I keep saying this. You don’t have to be a business person or an economist to work out the financial maths of this country USA. Just take the time to sit and think about your finances. If you are struggling and cannot see an easy way out of debt then you are also looking at the financial woes of USA.

I wrote my book Simply Fantastic – Living better on Less, for one reason only and that was to try to make people think about what they are spending their money on. To start planning for the future. Getting themselves out of using credit as a way of life. To teach  kids to respect money and not to waste it or just expect it to given to them from the parents. That credit should be an absolute no! no! in their young lives.

I was making the observation that people were thinking and believing [and still do] that all this economic downturn would go away, like it usually did. No,  that is not going to happen. We all need to take action to protect ourselves and family now!

So anyway , to get back to the article, I believe you will find it interesting and if you do, pass it on to your friends or anyone that you think may be interested.

I read this article on one of my favorite websites http://www.sovereignlife.com/ that you may like to visit  for some very informative subjects. They also have a free Ebook 7 steps to freedom which is also interesting reading.

RememberIf you don’t do different, nothing will change

No Way Out

By Doug Casey, Casey Research
I really dislike sounding inflammatory. Saying that things are going to go terribly wrong runs a risk of being classed with those who think the world will end in December 2012 because of something Nostradamus or the Bible says, or because that’s what the Mayan calendar predicts.
This is different. In the real world, cause has effect. Nobody has a crystal ball, but a good economist (there are some, though very few, in existence) can definitely pinpoint causes and estimate not only what their immediate and direct effects are likely to be (that’s not hard; a smart kid can usually do that) but the indirect and delayed effects.
In the first half of this year, people were looking at the U.S. economy and seeing that some things were better. Auto sales were up – because of the wasteful Cash for Clunkers program. Home sales were up – because of the $8,000 credit and distressed pricing. Employment was up – partly because of Census hiring, and partly because hundreds of billions have been thrown at the economy. The recovery impresses me as a charade.
Let’s get beyond what the popular media parrots are telling us and attempt to derive some reasonable assumptions about how things really are and where they’re headed.

A Brief Summary of Our Story So Far….
Before we get to where things stand at the moment, let’s briefly look at where we‘ve come from.
That a depression was in the cards has been foreseeable for decades. The distortions cranked into the system in the ‘60s – the era of “guns and butter” spending by the government – resulted in the tumult of the ‘70s. Things could, and one could argue should, have come unglued then. But they didn’t, for a number of reasons that have only become clear in retrospect:

  • Interest rates were allowed to rise to curative levels;
  • The markets were non-manipulated and so, as they became quite depressed, were left to send out real distress signals;
  • The U.S. was still running a trade surplus;
  • The dollar had only come off the gold standard in 1971 and was still relatively sound.

Then, starting with Reagan and Thatcher, the world’s governments started cutting taxes and deregulating. The USSR collapsed peaceably. China, then India, made a shift toward free markets. And on top of it all, the computer revolution got seriously underway. All told, a good formula for recovery and a sound foundation for a boom.
But sadly, taxes, government spending, and deficits soon started heading much higher. Despite the collapse of its only conceivable enemy, U.S. military spending continued to skyrocket. Monetary policy encouraged everyone to take on huge amounts of debt, much more than ever in the past, and everyone soon found they could live way above their means. The stock, real estate, and bond markets got pumped up to ridiculous levels. The main U.S. export became trillions of paper dollars. Worst of all, the U.S. devolved into just another country, undistinguished by anything other than a legacy of a high standard of living.


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Consumer Saving, Investments & Spending



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Faye Prosser – Introduction to Smart Spending Resources and hCard – Savings Expert Video

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