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Why People’s Opinions of You Aren’t Real

I think I may have put this on my blog or Facebook before but I think they are such special words of wisdom that I think I am repeating myself. 

Listen and enjoy . 

“Because if you don’t do different nothing will change”

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Poem Friday – I will spoil you for the special day of the year


Tomorrow is my husbands birthday
I thought I would take this time to say

I love you and hope your special day brings you much joy
Because 56 years is a long way from being a boy

We have had lots of laughs and plenty of fun
Although I have been trying for years to get you go for walks and eventually run

If I succeeded with that, it sure would be a surprise you could say
Oh well I guess Rome was not built in a day

You are a special man to that I am proud
You have a great laugh which at times is exceptionally loud

You are protective of me and your special friends alike
You are confident and at times aggressive when on your bike

Champagne for breakfast and a little treat, you will enjoy, to be clear
Because I will spoil you for the special day of the year

Happy Birthday Dave

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To My Friend Bob

Bob and Millie

To Bob
Author – Lesley Voth

My special friend and Motorcycle mate
Is all broke up from an accident of evening late

He will be in pain and mad as hell
That he will not be riding on the two wheels from which he fell

In fact I believe it will be a few months or weeks
Before that seat will be feeling his posterior cheeks

But I have a suggestion I am sure he won’t like
He could think about getting a Can Am Spyder bike

While his chest is wrapped and leg in a cast
Three wheels would get him on the road quite fast

He would not miss out on any of our rides
We would have the pleasure of his company besides

Hey even Millie would find that pretty sweet
Stable, comfortable with a larger softer seat

Anyway Bob its just a suggestion
I kinda feel it would be out of the question

But really and honestly I am so happy
That it was only a few bones broke, I know thats crappy

Love you Bob and that you are alive and sort of kicking
Even if its only one leg that you can, cause the other took a licking

A cigar and Bourbon I look forward to
Special friend and buddy that is you

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