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Did You Know « 12/27/2010

Studies show that you can think yourself younger. In the Journal of Gerontology. The benefits of this has been proven that they are less likely to get ill than those who feel old. So never let the words “I am too old” pass your lips. (Well that is my motto anyway and it seems to work.)

According to Deepak Chopra people who alter their lifestyle significantly by eating better and exercising more and practising meditation cause changes affecting over 500 genes. Even a strong emotion may be enough to alter a gene, because brain cells secrete new chemicals for sadness, happiness, confidence or shyness when their genes tell them to.

As I am “Down under” at the moment I found this statistic rather interesting. According to the magazine Nature and Health that it is estimated that at least 900,000 Australians are kept awake every night by a snoring partner.

According to Animal behavior Science study – If you are aggressive by nature there is an increased likelihood that your dog will be too. The reverse is also true – Shy people are apparently more likely to have quiet, passive pups.

Watching a movie tonight? Pick a comedy. According to a British study, people will eat up to 30 percent more when they watch a sad film.

According to England’s Luton University, Redheads are less likely to care for other people’s opinions; Brunettes are more socially conservative, while blondes are 10 percent more likely to be outgoing.

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Did You Know « 8/23/2010

1. According to “Womans Health Magazine“, they say that researchers found that people who routinely endure sound levels higher than 55 decibels (snoring is typically 60 – 80 decibels) were twice as likely to be treated for high blood pressure.
They suggest plugging your ears when you go to bed to help lower blood pressure.

2. J. Paul Getty (1892-1976) one of the richest men in the world put dial locks on his telephones and installed a pay phone in his Manhattan home so visitors and house guests would not run up his phone bill.( I guess that is one of the reasons why he remained rich )

3. Multimillionaire investor Hetty Green (1834-1916) reportedly never used hot water, never heated her home, wore the same black dress every day. She carried oatmeal to her bank job, then added water and cooked it on the radiator. (Often rich people get great pleasure out of being frugal, no pleasure from waste)

4. The amount Americans spend on pet food in 2009 was $17.6 billion according to AARP

5. The average credit card debt among households with balances on their cards in America is $15,788 (AARP)

6. “Americans drink 13.15 billion gallons of carbonated drinks every year.” (Public Health Reports 2000. Vol. 115. Oxford University Press, 2000: 308-319.)

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His Snoring » Poem Friday » 6/25/2010

His Snoring
By Lesley Voth

Have you gone to bed tired
Needing the eight hours required.

Just dozing, falling into a beautiful sleep
Falling, floating into a nice place, so deep.

Then Oh no! not again, Oh please Lord,
Not another night of his vibrating vocal cord.

You think it would help if I put plugs in my ears,
Nope, it doesn’t and one of my fears,
That the noise, that gurgle will not disappear.

It drives me crazy,
Next day I am tired, lethargic and lazy.

I wake up grouchy, tense and uptight,
He wakes up all fresh and bright.

“Why honey I had such a great night,
Slept like a baby, feel frisky and sprite”.

I look at him, with eyes like road maps
Frisky, yea right, I am about to snap.

But I know during the day I will take a nap,
So I don’t give him too much verbal crap.

Boy he is lucky I love him, the big lug.
I just roll over and give him a hug.

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