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Did You Know – 06/29/2015


1. 93.3% proportion of adults who log at least 2 hours of screen staring daily.Enough time to cause eye strain. Ways to avoid this is\:
a. Get uberhydrating contacts if you wear them
b. hold digital devices below eye level to minimize overuse of your ocular muscles.
c. Take a 5 minute break for every hour of screen time.
d. Screens make us blink less so when you take your break give your eyes an exercise of rapid blinking for a minute or so.

2. Andrew Jackson Taught His Parrot To Curse
The parrot had to be removed from President Jackson’s funeral because it wouldn’t stop swearing.


3. Houseflies don’t allow their short lifespans (14 days) to hinder their musical abilities. They always hum in the key of F.



4. 300 to 500 miles is the number of miles a pair of sneakers should be worn before being replaced.


5. President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her

6. Did you know that doctors now believe that spring fever — a colloquialism for that giddy burst of energy experienced when temperatures rise — is actually rooted in brain science?
Since the springtime brings longer and brighter days, we are exposed to more light. That light exposure triggers our brains to release less melatonin, the brain chemical that makes us sleepy in the winter, and more seratonin, a mood-elevating neurotransmitter. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: Spring fever is the perfect cure for the winter blues.</strong>

7. Here’s a tidbit that might be useful if you plan on becoming the next Steve Irwin: To escape the grip of a crocodile’s jaw, push your thumb into its eyeball – It will let you go instantly.

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Did You Know – 1/31/2012

Sneakers were first made in America in 1916. They were originally called Keds. They became known as “sneakers” because the rubber soles allowed sneaking around silently. Source

Sugar was called”White Gold”. Until the late 1700’s sugar was a luxury that European nobility used to validate their rank and social power. Source

In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people’s clothes. Source


If you slowly pour a handful of salt into a totally full glass of water it will not overflow. In fact, the water level will go down. Explanation

Brazil takes up 47.8% of South America. Source

Hawaii is moving towards Japan 4 inches every year. Through satellite images we can see that the Island of Maui, Hawaii had been gradually moving toward Japan at a rate of 3 inches per year since 1976. Plate tectonic theory predicts that the plate that Hawaii is on will continue to move Hawaii in that direction at a rate of 4 inches per year. Source

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Gifts That Pay It Forward

Christmas day is fast approaching and if you have not done all your shopping you may want to look a these options as you are not only giving a great gift you are helping others.

Here are some of the gifts you may like to purchase.

1. Jewelryprojecthavehope.org –  They sell bangles made out of recyclable paper and 100 percent of the proceeds go to women in Uganda. I have one of these and they are very attractive. Amazing actually you would never know they are made out of paper.

2. Hatunicefusa.org – Apparently 15c of the proceeds of these warm winter hats go to this charity which provides vaccines and clean water all over the world.

3. bagswww.feedprojects.com – Order a beneficial bag for just $30. A portion of the proceeds will provide a child in need with five school lunches.
FEED Projects, was actually co-founded by Lauren Bush and to date they have provided over 66 million meals.”
They are also available at Lord and Taylor.

4. Sunglassestoms.com – Check out the Classic 301 sunglasses for $145. For every pair sold, Toms will provide eye care to a person in need.

5.  A Treepeopletowels.com – Looking for a ‘green’ gift? Look no further than Seeds of Change. A tree gift set, costing $20, will plant 10 trees and your recipient gets to plant one too.This organization works with Trees for the Future, a non-profit that has been helping communities around the world plant trees

6. Sneakers www.converse.com – buy a pair of savvy sneakers at Converse for $50 and a portion of the proceeds goes to RED the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. This was started by BONO


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Need New Runners?

I don’t need new Runners, I do need Walking shoes for the gym as I use the treadmill amongst many other machines and of course walking around the area where I live.

I happened to be in the supermarket the other day an picked up the Fitness Magazine and it had an article on the best sneakers for running, hiking, spinners and a lot more. There is a list of 20 best sports performance sneakers from their survey.

The magazine displayed, what they consider the best buys, after 115 readers tried out the spring sportiest styles. I have showed you two of them. I agree with them about the walking shoe as I have a pair already of that brand. They have been very comfortable and worn very well as I have had them over a year and they have worked hard. I now need a new pair so I will go and get the same again.  I also recommend them. The runners, well I would not know as I hate running.

So if you are looking for new sporting shoes I recommend you go get the magazine or go to their site. It is always good to get an opinion of someone who has done trials on these shoes. It is an expensive item if you buy gym shoes that are uncomfortable.

The Best Running Neutral Cushioned Shoe
Mizuno Wave Creation 11

The plastic “wave” midsole in this lightweight shoe takes cushioning up a notch by absorbing impact along your entire foot, thereby creating ouch-free landings for joints. Plus, its underfoot ventilation system prevents overheating, and a soft sock liner keeps feet sweat- and odor-free. “Absolute comfort!” one tester says. “My struggle to find the perfect shoes is over.” ($135, zappos.com)

Footnote: If you’ve got high arches, like tester Carrie Carlson, 29, chances are you need more cushioning than stability in your sneaks. “It was as if the Mizunos were made for my feet; they had me running like a gazelle,” says Carrie, who jogs after work along New York City’s East River.

The Best Walking Shoe
New Balance 760 Walking Shoe

This supportive sneak not only looks like a running shoe but also feels as light and breathable as one. Its lower-to-the-ground profile trims drag from your step, and a flexible outsole divided down the center promotes a well-aligned roll-off. “These shoes practically formed to my feet. I was so at ease in them that I ended up walking faster than my normal pace,” one tester says. ($85, newbalance.com)

Footnote: Flexibility is key when it comes to walking shoes. Mindy Anaya, 30, of Santa Maria, California, says the give and take she got from the New Balance 760 was just right. “Two days of shopping with my mom and sister, and my feet didn’t hurt at all!”


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