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Saving Tip – Get some Free Reading


Thousands of e-books can be downloaded for free to your Kindle, iPad, smartphone or other device through Project Gutenberg or , if you have a library card, via Overdrive

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Certified Wall Mount Power Surge Protector, Outlet + Charger Ports

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.49.52 PM

You can buy this on Amazon for $19.99

This gadget is perfect for me. I have an iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac air and they all seem to need charging at the same time so when I saw this EZOPower Wall Mount Outlet Surge Protector with USB ports, this was the gadget for me.

The details are:-
1.Brand New EZOPower Wall Mount Outlet Surge Protector
2.UL safety approval guaranteed to keep your electronics safe
3.2 Retractable holders for Smartphone and MP3 Player
4.3 AC outlets with 540 joules of surge protection and 2 USB charging ports for simultaneous charging.
5.No installation Required. Just plug into your wall outlet!

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Apple Tops Wireless Consumer Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

This article was sent to me and as you can see I am an “Apple” fan and have been for years. It is rather interesting especially if you are thinking of going the iPhone way. It may help you with your choice.

Apple iPhone won the J.D. Power & Associates 2011 “Wireless Consumer Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study” . The smartphone has been a hit with consumers who have been snatching up iPhones in droves and the iPhone 4 features easy to use technology such as FaceTime which allows users to see each other when talking.

Source: Abmuku.com

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4 Easy Tips to Save You Lots Of Dollars

  1. Make that effort to stop buying Junk food: A study from the University of Miami revealed that you are more likely to buy junk food when you are buying for the family or friends. Scientists found people stocking up for themselves tend to buy healthy food but when we shop for others we tend to go for the junk food. To solve this make a list together with the family of the food that they want. That is the time to make better choices and say no to junk food. Then stick to the list.
  2. Extend the battery life of your smartphone:

    Battery busters: Social networking, apps and e-mail. The are generally set to auto-update: reducing the frequency can increase battery life by up to 50%Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS are also always searching, draining power. Turn them off when not needed.

    Store it in area of the best reception. Keep the phone there as phones drain energy as they look for better signals. Do not leave it in the car as battery life degrades in temperatures above 113 F.

    Source: Tim Pettitt and Ken Colburn of Nokia and Data Doctors computer services

  3. Save At The Office: Power Down.
  • Computers
  • Printing machines
  • Copiers
  • Lights
  • Air-conditioner: set it to come on in the morning before or around the time people come to work. This will reduce your electricity bills.
    When you leave your office in the evenings make sure you turn all the items I have mentioned “OFF”. You will be amazed how much you will save on your next electricity bill.

4. Re – Negotiate your lease:

  • If you have too much office space and you are not using some of it you may be able to re – negotiate your lease and be able to re – lease your un-used space to another business.
  • You should look at finding smaller office space and cheaper rent.

You will find many more tips and stratagies from Simply Fantastic: Living Better On Less

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