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Gut Health – Essential to Good Health


I wrote an article on this subject on June 3rd 2018. Many studies have been made recently only to discover if you don’t have a healthy gut you probably do not have a great immune system and suffer from many different ailments. It affects your brain, hormones, joint pain etc and has a great influence on depression, sleep, being over weight and other chronic problems. There are a number of articles on this subject which we never really considered until now. Those little micro organisms  in your stomach are very important and need to be introduced to our gut on a regular basis. Good sugar free yogurt, fermented food, good water (Kangen water ) are all beneficial to the gut.

If your life is in the fast lane then getting the essentials for your gut is near impossible. I have been introduced to a product that has done years of research on this subject and come up with a great product which I believe to be untouchable by other products. I kid you not. If you are wanting quality of life then you have to look at this and consider giving it a go. It is one of Isagenix products and if you want to find out more about them go to the Isagenix sites below.

America – davidvoth.isagenix.com

Australia and New Zealand – lesleyvoth.isagenix.com

Lesley Voth

If you don’t do different nothing will change’

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Saving Tip For Today


For Men

Save on Shaving – Join a shave club at sites such as Dollarshaveclub.com or Harrys.com and have quality blades and shave supplies delivered to your doorstep for less than you now spend

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America’s Top Wellness Experts Name Their Favorite Health Sites For Women

1. Mehmet Oz, MD – For Women Healthywomen.org.

Host of the Dr Oz show and coauthor of the – You: The owner’s manual series

2. Kristen Binaso. – Prescription meds and supplements. – nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus

Pharmacist and spokesperson for the American Pharmacists Association.

3. Lynne Shuster, MD – Heart health – Womenheart.org

Founding Director Women’s Health clinic at the Mayo Clinic

4. Robert Klitzman, MD – Mental Health – webmd.com

Professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University. Author of When Doctors Become Patients.

5. Alice Domar, PhD – Infertility – resolve.org

Founder of Domar Center for Mind/Body health and author of Conquering Infertility

6. Tara Parker-pope – Disease risk – Yourdiseaserisk.com

Author of New York Times Well blog

7. Paula A. Johnson, MD – Cancer – Womenshealth.gov

Chief of the division of Women’s health at Brigham and womens hospital.

8. Susan Love, MD – Menopause – Power-surge.com

President of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and author of Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause & Hormone           Book.

9. Harvey Karp, MD – Pediatric Health – Healthychildren.org

Author of the Happiest Toddler on the Block. Professor of pediatrics at University of Southern California School of medicine.

10. Bob Green. – Fitness – acefitness.org

Exercise physiologist, trainer and founder of thebestlife.com

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