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Ways To Save Money, Be happier, And More Time For Friends.

I am always looking for new ideas to save money and I enjoy sharing these with you. While I was in New Zealand I found this magazine called “GOOD – simple choices for a simple life”. It had some great ideas and it seems that we are now looking for a simple life with no worries and terrible debt. We can do it, we can make the sacrifices, we can also enjoy life at the same time. That is very important.
I have just finished an e-book called 1001 simple saving tips and suggestions and I hope to have it online by the end of August.
This is my second book (The other book is “Simply Fantastic – Living Better On Less)on a similar subject but this book just lists of the savings you can make without all the dialogue. Simple and easy way to learn what you can save on and keep on saving till you are out of “debt”. Getting everyone out of debt is my aim. As for the country we have to leave that to the politicians who are not making such a good job of it at the moment and that is why we have to take our own lives into our own hands.

Here are some saving suggestions that I believe beneficial to you.

Throw away your catalogues
Put a “No Junk Mail” on your letterbox. The challenge of constantly being bombarded with advertising can be very challenging for “Will Power”.

Spend Winter Nights Together

I know it’s not winter yet and everybody is sweating with the heat but here is a thought. Heating the whole house is very expensive. Shut the doors of rooms like the bathrooms, toilets, unused rooms, laundry and keep the warm in one area where the family can read, watch tv, play games together.

Try to reduce Waste

I know the present time is not like the “Big Depression” but it is not to say we can’t go there again and times are tough for many people now and I believe will get a little tougher. In the great depression households wasted nothing. Brown paper bags were kept for further use, fruit was preserved, toothpaste was put through the wringer to get out the last drop. Even rubber bands were put away for a purpose. Try thinking about what we are disposing of. Maybe we could use that little bit of honey left in the jar or sauce in the sauce bottle.

Everything can be used twice

Using something twice is an age-old practice. In the 40’s everything was used twice. Packing cases were painted and covered and used for side tables. I have seen some and they look great, you would never know. Powder puffs were used as shoe polishes. Cloth napkins washed and reused rather than disposable napkins which are loses the personal touch to a meal.

Don’t use shopping as recreation

Once upon a time recreation was playing cards, cricket or football in the back yard or swimming in the local pool or river or even fishing. It seems that today the recreation is going to the local mall having some “retail therapy”. Not a good idea. Almost a 100% of the time you will buy something and usually it is something that you really do not need. Try staying at home and fixing what is “Broke” instead of replacing it. Be creative, be inventive.

Use the fresh air cure

Today we are so busy doing what we do we forget the one thing that makes us feel good, keeps us in good health and more tranquil. “Fresh Air”. Take a few minutes each day just to walk outside and breathe that air, stand in that sun, feel that air around you. In the weekend have a dig around in the garden for an hour or two in the sun. Make time for your friends, have them around for coffee, it will make them relax also and have a joke or two. Keep the conversation light.
This therapy in itself will help keep away anxiety, trips to the doctor because of bad health, keeps you in touch with your friends, family, and yourself.

Choose quality

This has been proved to me over and over. Many times I have chosen an item for its price not quality and it has come back to bite me. If you need to buy an item for yourself or household choose quality not because it is cheaper. It could cost you more in the end. necessary items like pots and pans, it is better to pay that extra few dollars for better quality because you know you will get more years out of that product than the cheaper one and often made of healthier materials. The same goes for clothing. Buy classic styles that will last in fashion, not something that will be fashionable this week and probably you will not get as much wear out of it and in some cases not look as good.

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Make Shopping A More Conscious Experience

I love grocery shopping, probably because I actually like cooking, so for me shopping is like an adventure and love looking for new products. I try to stay with wholesome, healthy food and the basic stuff is usually as close to natural and nutritious as I can find.
Two things I always make sure I do before I go shopping is  ( a) I have is a shopping list, so I don’t venture too far off the mark and (b) have a sandwich before I go so I don’t go hungry and tempted to buy more than I need on overpriced, unhealthy food for a quick bite, because I am starving hungry.

Here is a list of the staple food that I consider a healthy choice when I go to the supermarket.

BREAD – Sourdough, rye, spelt and mountain bread (Paper thin bread, Saj or markouk, meaning “stretched ” or “patted”, simple bread of Hunza people of Northern Pakistan and the Sardinians from Italy)

WHITE CHEESES – Goats cheese and feta as opposed to processed cheese in plastic.

FROZEN VEGETABLES – Not as good as fresh of course but perfectly healthy and very convenient for the busy cook of the house.

MILK – If you or anyone in the family are allergic to cow’s milk choose oat or rice milk.

SAUCES – Choose Worcestershire, tamari and mustard instead of salty soya sauce, barbecue, tomato and sweet chilli.

WHOLEGRAINS – Choose brown rice instead of white and wholemeal pasta. So you want gluten-free? go for quinoa.

MEAT – Organic is preferable but of course more expensive. Stay away from processed and pressed meats.

TOFU – Not everyone’s choice especially not my husbands. It is packed with protein and fibre. Non meat eaters love it. Try it on your meat free day.

CRACKERS – I love these, you can have a lot of healthy choices, when it comes to what goes on them. Go for the whole grain, corn, rice or spelt.

Always be aware of what goes in your shopping trolley. Read the labels and stay away from excessive trans fats, saturated fats, sodium and sugar and any other ingredient you don’t understand or has a number.

Frugal and healthy eating!


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Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet offers: Bargain shopping

I found this article on the “Fox News” website this morning, so you could say this is “Hot off the Press”.

I had a look at the site Govsales.com I was amazed, this site sells Houses, International property, trucks, cars, aviation and Marine stuff. Not so much in the clothing or sporting gear but there are top end watches and jewellery and a lot of other things for offer.

This is the article from the Fox website

Bargain Shopping? Visit Uncle Sam’s Really Odd Online Warehouse
By Jeremy A. Kaplan
Published November 30, 2010

If you missed out on Cyber Monday, there’s still lots of time to get a great discount at Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet, where the discounts are as big as the tax code is complicated.

Thanks to several websites sponsored or sanctioned directly by the U.S. government, consumers can help drive down the debt by taking advantage of great prices on government surplus — including everything from old NASA tape recorders to an aircraft service truck to a 4,000-square-foot office complex in Burma.

That’s right, it’s a fire sale — and everything in the U.S. government’s warehouses must go, go, go!

Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet offers a plethora of government-run auctions of old items, including cars, boats, computers, machinery and even clothing. And all you have to do is point and click at GovSales.gov, the official retail arm of the White House, part of the Federal Asset Sales Presidential e-Government initiative.
The goal of the site is to make available surplus, seized and forfeited items — meaning you’ll find a great deal on that vehicle of your dreams, if you’ve been dreaming of an International Harvester people mover (just $2,000!) or a 1990 refueling truck by the Osh Kosh corporation.

Sure, there are plenty of normal cars, such as this Dodge Ram pickup selling for just under $9,000. Or even this 2006 Buick Lacrosse — no body damage or bullet holes! But when you’re shopping with Uncle Sam, why buy normal? Get a golf cart, if it makes you feel good. The site has tons of them. Or better yet, something unique: an aircraft service truck, perhaps? Not only will the Joneses have to keep up with you for a change . . . we promise you’ll never have a hard time finding it in the parking lot.

Buying goods from the government is more or less as easy as buying them on eBay, since most items are standard auctions with bidding histories, minimum bids and reserve prices. But you won’t find a “Buy It Now” option, and free shipping and overnight delivery are out of the question. If you buy, say, a used a NASA shredder from Cape Canaveral, you’ll most likely have to travel to Florida to pick it up.

GovSales.gov also hosts a variety of bizarre seized goods — medical equipment from Iowa and Tennessee, for example. Looking for a used examination table? We have what you’re looking for! How about an X-ray machine? It’s a steal at $275. Hopefully, it wasn’t stolen in the first place, although you never know …

And if you’re all about location, location, location, it’s the international real estate section where the assortment of stuff really shines. Why not use the buying power of the American dollar and the long reach of Uncle Sam to buy yourself a nice looking house in Bulgaria? Uncle Sam’s sold out in South and Central Asia, meaning there are no Uzbekistan bungalows on the market today. But if you act quickly, there’s a 4,000-square-foot office complex in Burma that can be all yours.

Why would the government own such a place? At these prices, who cares?

Want the perfect little getaway? Somewhere warm, on the ocean perhaps? The government has some beautiful property in Bolivia, not to mention what it terms an “executive residence” for sale in Kingston, Jamaica, on four acres of well manicured lawn. Sounds lovely, no? Just don’t pry into the former owner’s affairs. He may have shot the sheriff.

Other sites have plenty of government-owned excess to unload as well. GovLiquidation.com is one of the biggest, with the tech gadgets and goodies you’ve been wasting time looking for on Best Buy, NewEgg.com and others. There don’t appear to be any new computers available, but Uncle Sam does have 10 pallets of office supplies from Oklahoma City for sale, including Xerox ink, HP toner, and an embossing machine — of course.

Need a new Digital camera? GovLiquidation has a wealth of those, including zoom lenses and Polaroid and Fuji digital cameras. Get ’em while they’re hot . . . and hope they’re not too hot; no one likes buying stolen goods.
Keep in mind that Uncle Sam has been tightening his belt — and you’ll find it for sale in the Textiles and Clothing category. And we’ll be thinking of you while you shop . . . from the open seas, that is. This seized cigarette boat won’t drive itself.


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Saving Tip for Today…7/29/2010

This saving tip from the AARP Bulletin is very interesting and new to me.

Get Rewards for Online Shopping

You register on ebates.com then click to visit any of about 1,000 partner retailers. You can collect a reward from 1 to 40 percent of your purchase amount. the money arrives as a check or a credit to your PayPal account.

I have checked it out and it is true, there are literally hundreds of stores to choose from.

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A Wallet That Curbs Your Impulse Shopping

It’s never easy to tell your loved one that they have a problem such as a shopping addiction, and is hard to confront your partner without hurting their feelings, so what do you do?

Here is a perfect gift for your partner. This gift is a way for you to show your support, care, and love while also helping your partner remember to shop more responsibly.

Jin Hong designed this “Partner Wallet” to help people ditch their impulse shopping problems. Citing a Psychology Today article, which said, “Arguments over money are the number one reason for relationship stress and breakups,” Hong suggests giving the wallet to a loved one who can’t stop spending.

This wallet is specially designed to help your partner stop themselves from spending impulsively. It has four zippers, which delay the process of paying and provide more time for her to rethink the purchase. Paying for an item takes longer, and the buyer has to think about whether the purchase is really worth it as she sees the notes on the zipper’s pull-tabs saying:

  • “I believe in U”
  • “You will beat your shopping impulses”
  • “You are in control of your finances,” and
  • “You know it’s never too late to stop.”

If it took me that long to get to my stash of cash, I’d certainly reevaluate my unnecessary spending.

Click here for more inquires on this wallet

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