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vintage + Free shipping


I have just bought this. This dress cost $18.90 and free shipping

I have just come across this website which has some fantastic clothing. Well I think it has.
If you notice I have two adverts on the side of my main page. I thought I would share these sites as I believe it has some thing for everyone and good value.

The sites  are ‘Zaful and ‘Rose Gal’

I notice the company will send to anywhere in the world in any currency which is brilliant. How many times do we see something we like and we are unable to get it as it does not deal in your currency.

My suggestion is though check out the size chart as they are a small fit. It is at the bottom of the page of  each  outfit so be sure to measure yourself.

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Saving Tip For Today – 08/13/2013

Special Promotions They are magic words when ordering catalog items over the phone. Be sure to ask many times if there are special offers such as discounts, free shipping (I hate paying for shipping). At times the operator has been instructed not to mention these specials unless the customer asks. So Be sure to ask, ‘Nothing ventured Nothing gained’.

Free AppsRedlaser and shop savvy let you scan the car code of an item and compare in-store and online prices at other retailers

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Saving Tip For Today – 07/31/2013 – Fine Wine Savings


Fine Wine Savings – Find bargain-priced wine at the Accidental Wine Company . As the name implies, much of its inventory has had “a little accident” like a blemished label or maybe a discontinued bottle design. Both sales costs and shipping are discounted

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Free Shipping Still Available For Christmas


Last day for free shipping and shipping for arrival in time for Christmas was to be yesterday. There is still some online businesses that are offering free shipping still.

If you go to freeshippingday.com they will give you a list of the retailers that are still offering free and one day shipping. They are offering Free Shipping Codes & Coupons!
freeshipping.org – This website also has a list of companies that still have free shipping for Christmas arrival and coupons for discounts.

Pricegrabber.com and Pricewatch.com Find the lowest price, sales and Christmas Specials.

Often when you go online and you place something in the checkout basket, but for some reason you decide that you are not going to buy the item and close the site. It could be because you don’t want to pay the shipping or you are hesitating because of price.

Now some companies have computer software that will notify them that you were interested in that item but changed you mind. These companies that have this type of software may contact you via email and try to entice you to buy. They may offer you a discount coupon.
I for one have experienced this with Victoria Secret. I hate paying shipping. At times I browse the site and maybe have a weak moment and put something in the checkout basket and then once they add the shipping I change my mind and click out of the site.
Last time I did this they sent me an email asked for my return to the site and offered free shipping. I made a purchase so it paid off for them.

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