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I Bet You Would Like To Know How

I always have my fitted sheets look like a bundle of mess when I try to fold them. Never took the time to YouTube it. Now I have so am sharing as I am sure there is many a person that have asked the same question. How do I fold those fitted sheets?

Here is an example. So easy

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7 fantastic Uses for Dryer Sheets


1. Dead bugs on your windshield are gross. But dryer sheets can pretty easily clean bugs off your car’s grill, hood, mirrors and windshield. Just spritz the area with a little water, then use either a new or a used sheet to easily erase the gook from you car! It really works, and it’s so simple to do.


2. To clean that white deodorant spot of your shirt just scrunch up a used sheet and scrub the spots away. Your shirt will look as clean as it was when you put it on, and smell a little fresher too. No need to waste a fresh sheet, just use one you previously did laundry with.


3. A New fresh dryer sheet can control that static in a few ways. If your hair is starting to get that fly away look, rub your brush with a sheet before brushing your hair. If clothing is sticking to itself and making a tight cling, rub the underside of your garment with a sheet until the static is erased. It works wonders!


4. You know the smell never comes out of the carpet and your vacuum cleaner always has that pungent smell of dirt. Well, rip a fresh dryer sheet in half and place it inside your bag or canister before you begin vacuuming. The scent keeps the vacuum smelling fresh and it actually gives the carpet a boost of freshness. For really bad odors, use the whole sheet instead of just half. My cleaner always stinks so a whole sheet is doing a great job keeping my machine and carpet smelling fresher.


5. Dryer sheets are great to shine your faucets or clean a glass shower door – even the shower walls! A new sheet will clean that shower soap scum up in a jiffy! No hard scrubbing is required and no expensive cleaners with chemicals, just a plain old dryer sheet. For your faucets and metal plumbing, a used dryers sheet keeps the water stains away and keeps them looking polished. The same for any other metal appliances, they work great on keeping fingerprints and smudges away.


6. Deodorize almost everything like your drawers, gym bag, stuff it under the cushions on the couch. You can use them in the car under the seats to deodorize the car. In the garbage container is also another good place to throw one, keeps that fresh smell.


7. Remove the baked on food from you baking dish. That stuff that just won’t seem to come off. just fill the pan with hot water and add a dryer sheet. Let it soak for a couple of hours or overnight. When you go to clean it up, pour off the dirty water and use that same dryer sheet to easily scrub off the backed on grime. Easy.

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Did You Know – 07/07/2014

1. The color of the Hope Diamond is Blue


2.80% of the worlds Pain Meds are consumed in USA


3. Island Nation – Centuries ago the Spanish landed on the Caribbean island of Jamaica and made it a colony. In 1655 it was taken over by England. However, Jamaica became an independent nation in 1962



4. Ice sheets – One would think that glaciers are only found in the far north or far South. That is not true. There are also glaciers in mountainous regions near the equator, such as on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.



5. Ant Work – Is very important to the environment in which they live. For example, their underground tunnels help to aerate the soil. They also eat other insects that feed on leaves and this helps to keep vegetation healthy


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Did You Know – 06/23/2014


1. To sharpen scissors, simply cut through sandpaper.


2. A very simple solution to get rid of furniture scratches!


3. Use rubber bands to help open a jar easily: place one around the jar
lid and another around the middle of the glass. The rubber provides
friction to prevent your hands from slipping.


4. To prevent your eyes watering while chopping onions, wipe the chopping
board with white vinegar (which won’t affect the taste of the onions)


5. Store bed sheets inside their pillowcases for easy storage and access


6. Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the
toilet bowl at night to clean off stubborn stains.
But put the Dentures in a convenient glass near by..

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And More Clever Tips! – These Are Good

Use wire to make a space to store gift wrap rolls against the ceiling, rather than cluttering up the floor.

This one I love because I am always losing jewelry on the floor which ends up in the vacuum cleaner.

Find tiny lost items like earrings by putting a stocking over the vacuum hose.

Make an instant cupcake carrier by cutting crosses into a box lid.

For those who can’t stand the scrunching and bunching: how to perfectly fold a fitted sheet.

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Consumer Report: Get More For Your Money

I received a consumer report promotional magazine which gave 23 reports of various shopping advise. I tend to put value on their reports as they appear to do extensive research on what ever it is that they are investigating.
Here are some of the reports.

Sheets: Tested Martha Stewart, Lands End and Pottery Barn sheets: Results:- They are excellent fit BUT they had less fabric and seam strength than other brands.
Top Rated Sheets were L.L. Bean Pima Cotton Percale. They had the highest score for fit, strength and shrinkage resistance.

Cellphone bills: To find the cheapest rates they crunched the numbers on more than a hundred contract and prepaid sell-service plans.
Result:– If you are a big cellular talker and want to cut costs, switch to straight talk. This company’s unlimited plan can save a two-line couple up to $1500 a year.

Top-Rated cell phone and top-rated cell phone service: The LG Octane cell phone was one of our top-rated cell phones. It works with Verizon, which was a top-rated cell-phone service in most cities that they surveyed

Wal-Mart v Costco:  Consumer report survey revealed that Walmart do have low prices but are on a par with other major retailers.
The store with top marks for both great products and exceptional prices in their survey was Costco

Batteries:  Their tests of AA batteries energizer advanced were the top-rated lithium batteries versus Energizer Max which were among the lowest rated alkaline batteries. They compare products within the brand not all products or models with one brand perform equally well.

Exterior Paints: If you want a paint that stands up to dirt and cracking consider California Paints Fres-Coat Velvet Flat for approximately $39.

Waterproof Bandages:  In a test of eight waterproof bandages Curad Flexible Athletic Strips scored the lowest.
Buy one of the top-rated brands of water proof bandages either Nexcare clear or Band-Aid clear/transparent water block plus. Which ever brand you choose in wet, potentially dirty conditions these two waterproof bandages might provide a little bit more protection from germs that can lead to infections than a standard bandage.

Glad ForceFelex Trash Bags: Implied they could haul a broken baby grand piano but when they put them to the test we they were left holding a broken bag!
They placed up to 41 pounds of trash into Glad and Hefty bags. The Hefty bags held most of the trash. None of the Glad bags they tested did as well as the Hefty.

Want to drive your vehicle for a long time?: Buy replacement parts with a lifetime warranty. One of  Consumer Reports  readers followed this advice and did not pay for a set of brakes in eight years.

Third row in the SUV:  According to the consumer report this can vary greatly in comfort and roominess. Two of the best vehicles we found for third row seating are Ford Expedition EL and Chevrolet Traverse. The worst is Subaru Tribeca

Honda Insight:  Their report shows an enticingly low price but their survey shows the ride was stiff and choppy and lacked handling agility. The 38 – mpg Insight, costs about $21,000 but it had scores too low to be recommended.
You can get a hybrid with a firm, steady ride and secure handling. At 44 – mpg its the most fuel-efficient car you can buy. Consider the Toyota Prius for about $26,750

Laptops: Toshiba has some of the lighter laptops according to their survey but if you want a light laptop and best tech support available you have to consider an Apple.  Among the Windows based laptops, Leenvovo was among the better providers of tech support by phone

Benefits of Medical Tests: Research shows that patients who have the most tests don’t necessarily have improved health.
If your doctor suggests a test ask “Will this test change the way you treat the disease?” If the answer is “no” then ask what is the benefit of doing it.

Harmful bacteria in Chicken: The consumer report tested 51 brands of chicken for contamination from salmonella and campylobacter bacteria: The major brands – Perdue, Tyson and Foster Farms all had contamination, with Tyson and Foster being the most contaminated and Perdue the cleanest.

Pillows: The $99 Tempur-Pedic pillow and the $27 memory foam pillow from Target was found after the staff sleep test to be pretty much the same in sleep quality.

Windshield Wipers: The top rated wind shield wiper, Valeo 600 series cost $11 for the 18″ model and that is much less than the PIAA Super Silicone and Bosh Icon blades that proved not to be as good in their tests. On saying that though every brand they tested showed streaking, smearing water or missed ares of wiping after six months of use.

Tide Laundry detergent: Their research showed Tide did a good job but proved to be one of the most expensive laundry detergents that they tested at 30 cents per load. Wisk New Stain Spectrum Technology Deep Clean for top loaders out cleaned Tide Totalcare and wisk cost only 17 cents per load.

Wine: According to research ( this one I am sure will be a matter of experience with wine ) that a delicious bottle of Shiraz called Alice White 2009 for just $6 is rated better than a wine that cost $43

Cordless Phone: According to Consumer Report a $35 cordless phone from AT&T performed better than phones that cost twice as much.

Salad Packages: “Prewashed?” Wash it again, research found bacteria that are common indicators of poor sanitation and fecal contamination and in some cases high levels. After that result I think I will be washing mine many times before I eat it.

Nissan Pathfinder:  The doors look great but the high-mounted rear door handle has been hard for smaller children to open. Something to look at if that is an issue.

Toasters: You can spend $100 on the DeLonghi DTT312 and get a good toaster or you could spend $35 on the Hamilton Beach Digital 22502 and get a better toaster

Soup: The Consumer Reports blind taste test the Store Brand Food Lion tasted better than Campbell’s soup.
You may or may not agree with that one.

SOURCE: Consumer Report

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