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Some Tips To Be Aware Of

Self Service Checkout – When you use this service it is advised to use your credit card and not your debit card. The reason for this in some states there are a group of criminals who are putting ‘Skimmers’ on the ATM slider register at the self-service checkout. This electronic device captures your vital information on the card and that information is used in some cases before you even leave the store.
The reason you use the credit card is that you can dispute any extra charges but with a debit card you are going to have to fight with the bank to retrieve the funds.

Batteries – Most of the toys we buy, especially at Christmas seem to need a battery. The Consumer Report have done research on the best value and the longest lasting and came up with these results.
For the longest lasting – Lithium batteries took more photos than the other types, so they don’t need to be changed as often. The best performer, Energizer Advanced, costs $5.40 per pair but just 33 cents per 50 shots. The top alkaline battery, Duracell Ultra Advanced, costs $3.65 per pair but ends up costing 70 cents per 50 shots. Use lithiums in high-drain devices such as cameras and alkalines in low-drain devices such as remote controls. For toys that are used a lot, consider high-capacity rechargeables (2,350 milliamp-hours or more).

To save money – Costco Kirkland batteries and Eveready gold.

Tips to make sure your Christmas party photo’s do not end up on Youtube or on Face-book.

1. Put that phone or camera away – Do not take it out of you bag or pocket. Then you can object to anyone else using their phone or camera to take a photo that you may not want distributed.

2. Party organizer – Ban the use of camera’s and phones for the use of a camera.

3. Refrigerator test – If you do take photo’s ask yourself would I like it if the same photo was taken of me and would I put it on my refrigerator for my Mom to see.

4. Bring your spouse – Yes, if you want to keep out of trouble bring your spouse so he can keep an eye on you.

5. Ask permission – If you take a picture that may be questionable ask, do they mind if you put it on Face-book. If the answer is no then respect their privacy.

Oil Changes – The motor industry has now published information about how often you need to change the oil in your car. The industry suggests every 5 thousand miles rather than the normal recommended 3,000. Modern cars do not need their oil changed as often as previous models. Save money, time and oil. Source – Car Talk

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