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The New Predators – Today’s Scams

There is a few of these so will post one a day so it is not information overload


Tech Support.


phonescam  This is considered the biggest consumer scam in the U.S. at the moment.

             According to Microsoft in 2015 an estimated 3.3 million people many of them seniors were victimized by tech support cons. A cost of $1.5 billion to put it figuratively $454 per 10 seconds. 

Here is how it happens:- You get an unsolicited call from someone who claims to work for Microsoft, or windows, tech support. 

They tell you that viruses have been detected on your computer. They continue to tell you that you need to immediately call up a certain website and follow its instructions. A dummy screen may appear that shows viruses being detected and eliminated but in reality malware is being installed that allows the scammer to steal your usernames and passwords, hold your data for ransom or even use the webcam to spy on you.

Remedy – Hang up the phone. “Neither Microsoft or our partners make unsolicited phone calls” says Courtney Gregoire, senior attorney at the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit. 

Do not click any links in unsolicited emails from “Microsoft” or in pop-up ads promising to speed up your computer. 

Make sure you download Windows 10 or the latest OS X says “William Woodworth from  Best Buys Geek Squad. “Each update is free and has lots of new security built in”





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40 Tourist Scams To Avoid This Summer


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July 22, 2014 · 2:49 PM

Phishing Scams And What To Look For

Phishing Scams | Visual.ly

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June 6, 2013 · 10:00 AM

Is Your Password Safe And Uncrackable

I read this article the other day written by Sid Kirchleimer who is the author of ” ScamProof Your Life” . The subject was about passwords for our computer , bank account, anything really that needs some form of a password.

After reading this I have gone through and altered all my passwords as they really were very crackable (not sure if that is a word from the dictionary )

Three suggestions.

1. Use at least 12 keystrokes. It is much harder for hackers to figure out. The Georgia Tech Research Institute suggests using a 12-character password as it provides a good balance between security and practicality.

2. Use Upper and Lowercase letters, spaces and underscores, and symbols like @ and %

3. Use passwords that describe your favorite things. That would make it easier for you  to remember.

4. You should never even think about entering credit card information, bank accounts or any passwords, requested by email. Doing this only makes your password prone to getting hacked, so make sure you never even use your own email to save passwords.

Here is a list of passwords that make it easy for those who make it their business to know your business.

  • Password
  • 123456
  • qwerty
  • abc123
  • monkey
  • trustnot
  • dragon
  • baseball
  • 111111
  • iloveyou
  • master
  • 654321
  • superman
  • football
  • qazwsx

The suggestion is,  change your password every 90 days or thereabouts on your email, financial accounts and  websites.

For more information go buy the book “Scamproof Your Life” . It would be a good book for your children to read

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What’s New » 1/24/2012

A safety mechanism that has been in the more expensive vehicles, such as a radar that warns the driver if they stray out of the lane.. It now appears this safety gadget is now leaning towards the cheaper vehicles.

  • This safety mechanism is now finding its way into the mainstream midsize sedans. The first to introduce this is Ford into the Ford Fusion
  • The Steering wheel vibrates to alert the driver and the system will steer the car back to the lane.
  • Gov Data: 100,000 Police reported crashes every year from drowsiness.

Hopefully this will save some lives.

Read More On This

Email Banking Scams

You have probably heard and seen for yourself  the emails that are trying to tempt you to open and divulge your personal banking information. Well here is another one.

  • You will receive an email that seems to be from the FDIC or some official organization.
  • Tells you to click the link to fix the problem with your bank account
  • This link will unleash Malware that exposes all your banking information.
  • Takes ID’s and passwords


45 cents to Post a letter!

More Info

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More Scams: No Freebies

There was a warning this morning on HLN news about fake offers on Facebook.

You have probably already seen these fake offers and even clicked on them to find a pop up that wants details that you should not even contemplate giving. They ask you to click on a link which they would like you to share with friends.

For this information they will give you a free iPad, tickets on Southwest Airlines or gift card etc. Not true, there are no freebies it is just another scam.

You could be innocently loading a virus on your computer. The information you give them could allow them access to your personal information like your phone information and that could lead to your credit card information. What ever the reason it is a Rip off so do not be tempted by these scamsters.


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