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Dog Saves Her Puppies

How Beautiful is this.

Dog saves her puppies

Dog saves her puppies







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Facial Pressure Point Massage – Helps Make You Healthy And Youthful

I bought a book several years ago called Joseph Corvo’s Zone therapy. It is an illustrated book on systems of pressure point massage. It was developed by him as a tool to fight illnes and old age. It will only take you ten minutes of your day to do these exercises.

Saves on Beauty treatments, gives good health, well being and confidence. Savings all round don’t you think.

Do I do them? Well I used to and now that I have found this book again I believe I will start to do them again. As I have said many times I believe in prevention not so much the cure. Saves on Doctors bills. That goes for the Ganoderma products that I am now promoting. I love to share with anyone things that will keep us healthy and vibrant.

I will go through the 10 minute regime but I suggest you get the book it is excellent.

1. MENTAL STIMULATION. Find the edge of the forehead where the bone indents,with indent fingers , then with a firm upward and outward circular movement , move slowley with both fingers in towards the centre of the forehead, then out again. Complete four times. Remember if it is tender thai because poisons are blocking the proper functiong of this Zone.

2. PITUITARY GLAND AND THIRD EYE. Find the slight indent in your forehead. Again massage upward and outward in a radius for thirty seconds.

3.THE COLONS. To massage pressure points 3 and 4 tap gently underneath the eye, starting on the outside and moving inwards towards the nose, then out again. Complete four times


5. HEALTHY BOWEL ACTION. Find the ridge of the cheekbone at its highest point, with indent fingers, then press up into it, then massage as hard as you can in a upward and outward circular movement while moving slowly the length of the cheekbone. Complete four times.

6. STOMACH PROBLEMS. Without lifting the fingers, slide along the skin of your now, press as hard as you feel comfortable with and rotate slowly for thirty seconds.

7. THE SPLEEN. Pressing inwards on either side of the ridge that runs from your nose to the middle of your upper lip, rotate your fingers in a circle. Press hard so that you feel your gums underneath.

8. PANCREAS. Starting at the extremeties of the underside of the lips, with your indent fingers work i8nwards with a firm rotating motion towards the centre, then out again. Complete four times. Feel your lower gums through your lower lip.

9. LUNGS. Find the muscle running down the length of the side of the mouth, with indent fingers, then press inwards and outwards with your rotating motion as hard as you can bear for thirty seconds.

10. SEXUAL DESIRE. Starting immediatly below the ear, rub with rotating movement of fingers along the ridge of the jawbone until you are directly underneath the pupils of your eyes. Work back again and repeat four times as hard as you can.

11. LIVER AND LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. Find the deepest pit of the cheek, where the jawbone meets the cheekbones. Work in a circular movement as hard as you can for thirty seconds.

12. SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM. Toning up the whole nervous system. Work the centre point high on your forehead in a circular movement as hard as you are comfortable for thirty seconds.

These are only some of the examples in Joseph Corvo’s book. I find that in the evening when I get to bed is a good time to do these exercises. It is a peaceful time of day and only for 10 minutes.
I hope you can understand my instructions and wish you great health and no visits to the doctor.


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