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How To Save 100% On Black Friday Sales

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November 28, 2015 · 12:29 PM

Saving Tip For Today – 09/30/2013

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Save on Sales TaxSee if your state has sales tax holidays. Check the federation of tax administrators website, taxadmin.org and search “tax holidays”

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Saving Tip For Today – 07/31/2013 – Fine Wine Savings


Fine Wine Savings – Find bargain-priced wine at the Accidental Wine Company . As the name implies, much of its inventory has had “a little accident” like a blemished label or maybe a discontinued bottle design. Both sales costs and shipping are discounted

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10 Garage Sales Secrets

This can be such a fun day, and it is such a good feeling to see all that stuff that has been cluttering up your place for years go to someone who really wants it. That lamp shade that has been stuck in the corner of your spare bedroom doing nothing for ever, those tools cluttering up the garage, that old bike, that really gorgeous dress that has been in your cupboard for too long, waiting for you to lose weight. Get rid of it, you know you don’t need it.
In doing so make sure you do it right and get the best out of your garage sale. Here are some pointers to help the day run smoothly and profitably.

1. Pick a date

Make sure there are no major events happening in the area that will distract people from your garage sale. Avoid holiday weekends as bargain hunters are most likely be away out-of-town.

2. Make sure you have plenty of change

You will often have people have someone come with a large note to buy a $2 item. Go to the bank and get plenty of 10 and 20 dollar bills and make sure you have heaps of small change.

3. Join together with those in your street

All the more the merrier. The more stuff you have the more visitors to your garage sale. The word will get around very quickly if you have a big selection.

4. Get the word out

Go onto Craigslist, community message boards, and all the free online resource you can think of. Of course the obvious, put the sign at the end of your street with large explicit writing so someone driving past can read the sign easily. Put the sign out early in the week so everyone has time to read it. Try putting some balloons with the sign to attract attention.

5. Open up early

The crack of dawn is a good time. If you are not up and ready to go you can be sure there will be someone knocking on your door at that time, so you might as well be up and ready to go. I often find second-hand dealers are the ones that will be there first to pick it all over. There is of course the ones that just love garage sales and buy up stuff because they just love a bargain, they will be there early.

6. Make sure it is all in working order

Nothing is more frustrating to people if there is stuff being sold that is not in good repair. If some articles are not in working order you need to put a note on it to say so. Some people like to get things cheap and fix them up, others don’t.

7. Fire up the Grill

Start the BBQ. There is nothing more attracting that the smell of food. This is another way to make some more money on the day by selling hamburgers or hot dogs from your BBQ.

8. Be a kid at heart

You have to know kids love garage sales and if you have a lot of toys and kids clothes to sell put them up front. Put all the colorful things together to attract their attention. Keep it all at eye level otherwise the kids wont see them and they won’t sell.

9. Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

Very important. Got pictures? Hang them. Clothes? Put them on a rack that is easy to see and to check out. Pack clothes neatly on a table so that they look attractive. Don’t just throw them in a heap. Pot plants should be displayed attractively. Keep tidying the whole time to make the presentation attractive.

10. Don’t be too greedy

That is a big thing about Garage sales. If you try to be too greedy your customers will leave. Let people know the price is negotiable. Look that artificial plant may mean something to you but not so much to someone else. Do you really want to be stuck with it because you would not take $5 dollars for it, as you thought it was worth more.
Get rid of everything, even at the end of the day you should give the remaining stuff away rather that keep it.

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Saturday – Temptation Day

Sale Day

Well It is Saturday and a day that can be very tempestuous. Everywhere in the Malls and shopping areas are Sales to drag you in the store and get you to spend money.

Money no object? Go for it.

If that is not the case then either stay away or ask these questions before you spend the cash or take out the credit card.

1. Do I need it?

2. Can I afford it?

3. Will I use it?

4. Is it worth it.

5. Do you think you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

5 simple questions that can make a difference. I use it often myself.

I ask the questions, go for a walk around and think about it. Sometimes I go back and get it, other times I persuade myself that I can live without it and there is something else I would rather have.

SOURCE: Simply fantastic – Living Better On Less

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