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Informative And Fascinating Illustration maps

1.This map shows the world divided into 7 sections (each with a distinct color) with each section containing 1 billion people.

2.This map shows (in white) where 98 percent of Australia’s population lives.

3. It may not come as a surprise but more people live inside the circle than outside of it.

4. This map shows what is on the other side of the world from where you are standing. For the most part it will probably be water.

5. Apparently you can’t get Big Macs everywhere. This map shows (in red) the countries that have McDonalds.

6.This map shows the
countries (in blue) where people drive on the left side of the road.


7.This map shows countries (in white) that England has never invaded. There are only 22 of them.

8.The line in this map shows all of the world’s Internet connections in 1969.

9.This map shows the countries that heavily restricted Internet access in 2013.

10.This map shows (in red) countries that were all Communist at one point in time.

11.This map shows (in red) the countries that don’t use the metric system.

12.This map shows (in blue) places where Google street view is available.

13.This map shows (in green) all the landlocked countries of the world.

14.And this is what the world would look like if all the countries with coast lines sank.


15.This is a map of the all the rivers in the United States.


16.And these are all the rivers that feed into the Mississippi River.

17.This is a map of the highest paid public employees in the United States.

18.This map shows how much space the United States would occupy on the moon.

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Promoting National Breast Cancer Day On The Road

Had to laugh when I saw this on the road at the Sunshine Coast Australia  the other day. 




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Survive Crisis No 3

Extreme situations always sound crazy – until you’re in one.”





Driving in remote places in triple digit temperatures and your car breaks down.

Apparently a person can survive up to 48 hours in a hot climate without water. The secret is limiting evaporation. Covering up with clothing helps hold the body moisture. Don’t be exposing the skin with skimpy tops and shorts.

a. If you know you will be traveling in hot harsh conditions carry at least 2 gallons of water per person  per day as well as some salty snacks to replace the salt you may lose during sweating.  I have a friend that always carry’s a two gallon container in her car where ever she goes as you never know when you may get caught in a traffic jam in very hot conditions on the highway where there is no where to get off the road.

A golf umbrella in the trunk is also a good idea for instant shade. If you are hiking let someone know where you are going and for how long.


b. Check your tires – Check them before you leave to make sure they are at the right pressure. If the air is 100 degrees, the pavement can be between 180 and 200 degrees. Blowouts are common.


c. Stay with your vehicle – Your car is your survival kit. It is easier to spot a car than a person from above. The car also provides shelter and shade and you can always use the horn and lights for signaling . Keep the doors open for ventilation and lift te hood of the car so someone can see your are in strife.


d. Get off the ground – The ground will be extremely hot. If you have to be outside in the heat use a chair if you have one in the trunk or use one of the seats.

Survival at 120 Above



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Wash Me?? Maybe Do a Drawing!

A waste of great Art work I would say


THIS is SCOTT WADE. Check out what he does with the

dirty cars by carefully and artfully removing portions of the dirt.

According to his web site, he lives real close to a dirt road in San Marcos, Texas.






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On The Road Again

Well I am heading back ‘Down Under’ again so will loose a day in my life but of course when I come back I will gain a day so nothing will be lost. I love to go home and see the family but I do miss Texas and the great long fantastic motorcycling roads. I will miss my bike as well although I have another in Australia. I will be riding from Queensland to Melbourne to see my son so I will be looking forward to that as I have not been on a long ride in Australia as yet so will be an adventure.
I would say it will probably be a week or so before I get back into blogging on my site again. I will be visiting with my Mother in NZ for two months while my Brother is in Europe. New Zealand is one of those countries that is not so consumer orientated like many and I find all sorts of interesting information in their magazines and newspapers and of course the people I meet. I will of course pass them on to you, the reader. I am about to embark on another book and this will be recipes. I love eating and I love cooking.

I am about to publish a book on all my ‘Poem Fridays’. That will be in a eBook form. Just waiting for the finer details to be finished.

Talk to you soon

open road

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LOL – Why The Chicken Crossed The Road


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July 28, 2013 · 11:51 AM

My Pet Peeve – Drextors

Drextors – My word definition of people who text while driving

This is my pet Peeve. As a Motorcyclist it is one of our greatest fears, those who text and use the phone whist driving.
I have known of a young girl, she was not paying attention, texting and ran straight into a motorcyclist and took his leg off. How would you like that on your conscience. Plus I see young Mother, with kids in the car texting away not paying attention to them or the road.
I see enough of it and have seen some scary near misses because of it and these statistic prove how dangerous it is.

Distracted Driving–America’s Bad Habit http-::www.benjamintravis.com:project:distracted-driving

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On The Road To Yellowknife, CA

More Buffalo on the side of the road

Ferry accross the Mc Kenzie river on the way to Yellowknife

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Poem Friday – 08/03/2012 – From Alaska to Yukon and Off To YellowKnife

Dawson City Hotel where we stayed

From Alaska to Yukon and Off To YellowKnife
Author – Lesley Voth

We crossed the border from Alaska to Yukon the other day
As usual am questioned from border control, no smile, personality? no way

Then Traveled on the top of the world road
Down to Chicken township for fuel and Carb load

Man the road was rough and unkept, 120 miles of gravel
The bike slipping from side to side, not the best to travel

After hours of an uneasy bumpy ride
I think I rode it well, just a little pride

We arrived at the Dawson City ferry
A ride from one side of the river, beautiful – very

We stayed at the Hotel Dawson City
Old world, gold mining town,no time to explore, such a pity

On we rode another 600 miles of beauty
Scenery that was Mother natures pleasure and duty

Not a bear or Moose to be seen
But that was a good thing, but shit on the road where they had been

We Arrived at Watson lake, Stayed at Golden Nugget cabins for the night
Charged us an arm and a leg, four stars? in my mind that was not right

But I have come to the conclusion, a bit of a kick
That if you want to spend your life savings super quick

Have a holiday in Canada because you will spend up large
Because as a Aussie Texan you learn quick they know how to charge

But on our way did we see Buffalo and Moose with its young on the side of the road
After we left Lake Watson, eating undisturbed,peaceful and no fear for us showed

Anyway we are now in Fort Nelson for a night stay
Off to Yellow knife tomorrow a thousand kilometers away

So up with the kickstand for another day
I love it and would not have it any other way

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To My Friend Bob

Bob and Millie

To Bob
Author – Lesley Voth

My special friend and Motorcycle mate
Is all broke up from an accident of evening late

He will be in pain and mad as hell
That he will not be riding on the two wheels from which he fell

In fact I believe it will be a few months or weeks
Before that seat will be feeling his posterior cheeks

But I have a suggestion I am sure he won’t like
He could think about getting a Can Am Spyder bike

While his chest is wrapped and leg in a cast
Three wheels would get him on the road quite fast

He would not miss out on any of our rides
We would have the pleasure of his company besides

Hey even Millie would find that pretty sweet
Stable, comfortable with a larger softer seat

Anyway Bob its just a suggestion
I kinda feel it would be out of the question

But really and honestly I am so happy
That it was only a few bones broke, I know thats crappy

Love you Bob and that you are alive and sort of kicking
Even if its only one leg that you can, cause the other took a licking

A cigar and Bourbon I look forward to
Special friend and buddy that is you

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