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Small Savings – Big Fortune

Before eating out look for coupons for your destination – Go to Restaurant.com.

A coupon that could cost $10 could mean $25 off your bill.  Save $15

Have your computer search for savingsJoinhoney.com – Honey is a free extension you add to your web browser. When you shop online, click on the icon and it searches for coupons. Say you are shopping for a refrigerator at Sears, Honey found a code for an extra $35 off.  Definitely worth using this App.

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Creamy Mushy Peas

Now I love peas, they are my favorite vege. When I was at Bermagui (Australia) last week we had lunch at a restaurant called “Octopii”. My niece Donna and I had ‘Fish Pot Pie’ and with this pie was mashed potato and this creamy mushy peas. It was delicious and I made it with our shepard’s pie last night. Mine was a little more liquid than theirs but I think I over cooked the peas. You really should make sure you boil the water first then add the peas for only 3 min and no longer. Next time I do it I think I would roll them out on a paper towel to get as much of the water off the peas as I could.

Anyway here is the recipe. Hope you enjoy.

Serves: 4

345g frozen peas
4 tablespoons cream
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Preparation:5min › Cook:10min › Ready in:15min

Bring a shallow pot of lightly salted water to the boil over medium high heat. Add peas and cook for 3 minutes or until tender.
Drain peas and transfer to a blender or large food processor. Add cream, butter, salt and pepper and process until blended but still thick with small pieces of peas. Adjust seasonings to taste, and serve immediately.

Very simple and easy.

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I Am About To Get On My Harley, See A Movie After A Snack

I Am About To Get On My Harley, See A Movie After A Snack
By Lesley Voth


Ohinemuri Estate

I arrived in New Zealand about 3 weeks ago
My brother had arranged a get together with cousins, Mum and Co

Good idea have not seen them in years
I knew there would be celebration with copious wine and beers

So off we went the next Saturday for lunch
I knew we would have a good time as they are all a jolly bunch

We went to a place called Ohinemuri restaurant and winery
We arrived  with Mum and dog at round twelve at Karangahake gorge in all our finery


I know they sound funny names to those of other places
But its the same in different countries of different races

It was good to see them, a few extra wrinkles and all
It had been a few years since we met, some smaller some tall

We laughed and reminisced about the years gone by
I was a bridesmaid for one of them, oh my how time did fly

So there we were looking at old photo’s and such like, simple things that gave us thrills
Laughing about our Scottish  grandfather, so mean, put his car in neutral going down hills

Anyway four hours later we all went our separate ways
Still chuckling about the stupid things we did in those days.


My Mum bless her soul was not sure what to make of the day
At 94 every day is a new day for her, memories vague for her in a way
But I have to say in a pleasing way her sense of humor it did stay

I am now in Texas, been here for a week, great weather but today rain and Thunder
The sky went black, warnings and alerts this morning, sky opened up, scary no wonder

Anyway Houston it is good to be back
I am about to get on my Harley, see a movie after a snack

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