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Respect Is All You Need

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December 9, 2018 · 10:51 PM

Did You Know – 06/26/2017

1.Ginger is a long used medicine in many cultures, it is a winter must have because of its anti inflammatory compounds. It is very inexpensive and known to be used for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and the cancer linked to it.


2. If you want to befriend a dog this is how you do it. Dogs get high when you rub their ears real good. They have a branch of nerves in their ears that extend to their internal organs and release endorphins when you rub them, sending relaxing impulses through their bodies and going them a natural high.

3. Anxiety can be a direct result of their parents behavior. Though high anxiety is partly genetic, children are more likely to be anxious if their parents openly criticize them, doubt their competence, are controlling, or are emotionally cold – to the pont that researchers analyzing a childs anxiety have been able to predict their mother’s behavior before ever observing it.


4. With a country such as Norway, with so many beautiful areas and scenery, you might think that the access is restricted or commercialized by someone. But that isn’t the caseTrespassing is not so much of a thing in Norway. The country has a law called ‘allemannsretten’ meaning every man’s right or the right to roam that dates back to ancient times and allow you to freely roam and camp on all uncultivated land as long as you show respect for nature and pick up your trash.



5. The phrase ‘Crab mentality’ is used to describe the ‘if I can’t have it, neither can you’ mindset. The metaphors refers to a pot of crabs that could easily get out, but they ensure their own demise by competitively clawing at each other-like spiteful humans trying to bring down those who are more successful by diminishing their importance 


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Cat Vs Crocodile

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Poem Friday On Saturday – Happy Mothers Day Mom


This woman, a Mother Of three
Was the responsible for the increase of the Mackie Family tree

A Grandmother,and Great,and Great great Grandmother
29 is the number and one other to come, a grandchild to my Brother

We had a reunion of all the Grandchildren bar two
Mum in the middle, So many she could only remember the name of a few


My Brother Barry whom I believe would have been looking down
My Mother survived my Brother, and his memory remains with all of his Grandchildren running around

This is a photo of Mom my brother Frank and me
All her Grandchildren from us three

If you are interested I am the one with the blue shoes
Hey look at Mums face, this whole procedure did not amuse


My Mom is looking pretty good though at 95, as you can see
Actually in years to come that could look like me

So Mom love you and that day was great for all of us
Lots of kids, great food, lots of laughs and not a great fuss

Without you Mom we would not be on this Planet Earth
Without you Mom all these kids, they would not have been given birth

With Respect and Love, the beautiful woman you have become
Have a great day and I wish you a Happy Mothers Day Mom

IMG_1650 (2)

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I just finished reading an article on respect. Unfortunately there is such a lack of respect in our society today. The article was very good, but I don’t think it went quite far enough. So here are my thoughts on respect.

To me the word respect, in real terms, means to be considerate, to be fully aware of the other person’s existence and opinions. Have the attitude that says: “I may not agree with what other men may say, but I defend their RIGHT to say it.” Besides, sometimes we jump to conclusions too quickly. The other person’s opinion may be correct and by showing respect and listening we may encounter truth.

There are many other things in life that need respect, not just other people. This is how you show respect.

Respect others:

  1. Listen to what people have to say without butting in
  2. Dress with respect, not to offend
  3. Respect people’s property
  4. Respect the person; make a point to make them feel important to you
  5. Respect your elders. Especially your Mom and Dad. They may be your senior, but they are sensitive and deserve respect.
  6. For parents respect your child’s feeling. Show them all the love you can.
  7. Respect another culture whatever it may be.
  8. Respect all religions even if they are not of your beliefs.
  9. Respect your boss, because without him you wouldn’t have a job. He maybe an A-hole but he pays your wages and it’s up to you to go look for a new job or know that this job is temporary and you will be moving on.
  10. Respect the rude person, but don’t stoop to their level. Never argue with an idiot. He’ll drag you down to his level & beat you with experience. Know that you are better than that. So when someone you meet is rude, “Power to you,” be respectful and polite back to him or her, then move on.

Respect yourself:

  1. Respect your body. Listen to it when it tell you its not feeling well
  2. Respect your body when it is telling you that you have done enough physical exercise
  3. Respect your muscles if they are sore. Know you have worked them hard or hurt them and they need to be rested
  4. Respect your back. If it is uncomfortable. Know that you have injured or strained it somehow. My Yoga teacher says you are only as young as your back.
  5. Respect your feet. I love high heels, but if you are in pain wearing them. Wear them once and give them away. Your feet deserve better.

Respect nature:

  1. Respect nature. Observe the beauty of what nature provides.
  2. Respect all animals. Respect that some of them do not like humans and want to eat them.

I could go on and on but what I am trying to say is that as long as we respect one another and do the best we can it is all that is required. A better life is ahead of us in many ways. It is good for our health and makes for a happy lifestyle.

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