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Did You Know – 01/24/2017

  1. When you should plant in your garden

2.  A giant Celtic cross design, only visible from the sky, has been discovered growing in an Irish forest. The 100-meter (330ft) long religious symbol remained undetected for years until airline passengers noticed it while flying overhead.

The cross in Killea forest in county Donegal caused much confusion until an investigation by UTV revealed it wasn’t aliens bored with crop circles but was instead planned by Liam Emmery, a very creative and talented forester.

Meticulously planting hundreds of trees over a period of years Emmery was able to plan out the design which would reveal itself every autumn to those flying overhead.

Unfortunately Emmery passed away in 2010 aged 51, before his creation became known to the public. His wife had forgotten about his elaborate plan until UTV approached her about it, telling them “I’d forgotten about the plantation, if he was here, we would have all heard about it because he would have been so proud.”


3. There is a “Hangover Bar” in Amsterdam .
It’s the first of its kind in the world – a mecca for anyone who partied a little too hard the night before.
Only open from Friday to Sunday, The Hangover Bar has everything a boozer needs to get back on track.
There’s no cheating your way in for a free bed either – there are ‘hangover inspectors’ guarding the doors.
They breathalyze  you on entry to make sure you still have alcohol in your system – the very opposite of a sobriety test.
Once inside, a green oasis awaits, ready to meet all your hangover needs.
There are beds laid out with accompanying televisions to play your favourite TV shows.
Green turf and towering pot plants weave their way around them, and there’s an oxygen bar to speed up the recovery process.
Foodora has created a special food menu featuring vitamin-boosting smoothies.

“To overcome a hangover there are a few things you need: a good mattress, good food, fun and lots of vitamins”
Joep Verbunt

4. Bob Marley’s youngest son, Damian is turning a former prison for non-violent drug offenders into a pot farm. The Coalinga, CA, prison will grow medical marijuana for state dispensaries is providing 100 new jobs, and its $4.1 million sale has already erased all of the towns debt



5.  Difficulty with eye contact may be a sign of a good conversationalist. A pair of researchers from Kyoto University studied this.  “The dual task of maintaining eye contact (and the inherent intimate connection it involves) while also racking the brain for a word to meet the request is just too demanding – to save itself, the brain pushes for breaking eye contact so it can focus exclusively on finding a word that will fulfill the obligation.”

Essentially, breaking eye contact allows us to better choose our words. Looking someone in the eye may help us better establish an emotional rapport, but looking elsewhere may actually stimulate better conversation.



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Are You Exercising Too Much – Here Are Some Signs

I spend a lot of my time training for the sport I love and that is “Outrigging” canoeing.

This is a sport that requires fitness as well as endurance, which means for most of us paddlers, training most days.
I have at least one day a week where I rest and spend time with my grandkids or just lazing on the beach.
But on saying this, there are weeks where I feel I am over training. I am tired and cannot seem to pick up my energy levels. That for me is a sign to give it a break for a day or so as I achieve nothing more till the body has a rest.

I found this article on Yahoo Health written by By Chelsea Bush, US News, Fri, Nov 05, 2010. It is a very interesting article and one which makes sense and if you are someone who is constantly training and wondering why you don’t seem to be getting any stronger or fitter, this may be ‘Your’ answer. The article is called 10 Signs You’re Exercising Too Much.

The article suggests that you may need at least two days rest from exercise if you are feeling exhausted and the body needs to recover. Plenty of sleep, like at least eight hours to repair torn muscles and build new muscle. Nutrition is also essential to repairing the body such as lean protein, greens and lots of fruit.

Here is the list of 10 ways your body will let you know you are overdoing it and need to tone down the exercise.

1. Decreased performance. A drop in your workout performance is one of the earliest signs of overload, according to Jini Cicero, a conditioning specialist based in Los Angeles, Calif. Altered performance levels are often more apparent in endurance activities such as running, swimming and cycling, she says.

2. Disinterest in exercise. A significant decrease in motivation or enjoyment of the activity can be a major sign of burnout, Cicero says. This more often occurs in weight lifters, sprinters or soccer players who are driven by speed and power.

3. Mood changes. Depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and irritability are common when your body is overstressed physically. Those same stress hormones you release when you’re emotionally stressed are also released when you’re physically overloaded, Cicero explains.

4. Delayed recovery time. Persistent muscle soreness that lasts for hours or days after your workout is a sure sign you need more rest, according to Joseph Ciccone, a physical therapist at ColumbiaDoctors Eastside Sports Therapy in New York City.

5. Elevated resting heart rate. “When you put more stress on the heart, it has to work a lot harder,” Ciccone says. An increase in your normal resting heart rate, say, from 50 beats per minute to 65 beats per minute, could indicate that you’re placing excessive stress on your body.

6. Fatigue. Mental or physical grogginess is a hallmark sign of overtraining, says nutritional biochemist Shawn M. Talbott and author of Natural Solutions for Pain-Free Living, based on his research on over-stress patterns in professional athletes. “The knee-jerk reaction to sluggishness is to exercise for an energy boost, but it’s a catch-22,” he says. “Another workout might wake you up short-term, but you’ll be worse off later on.”

7. Insomnia. Being in a state of overload often comes with disrupted sleep patterns, so instead of getting that much-needed rest, Talbott says, “you become restless and can’t fall asleep.”

8. Diminished appetite. “A decrease in appetite can occur in the middle to later stages of overtraining, and goes hand in hand with feelings of fatigue and lack of motivation,” says Stenstrup. By slowing down bodily processes like metabolism, the body attempts to force a reduction in its workload.

9. Fat gain. If you’ve lost weight but noticed an increase in body fat, you could be in the later stages of exercise overload. The body responds to prolonged stress by elevating levels of stress hormones, including cortisol, Stenstrup says. Over time this will lead to increased storage of adipose tissue, as well as inhibit steroid-like hormones that normally help increase muscle. A decrease in muscle mass can cause you to shed a few pounds, but this isn’t a good thing since it means your body’s less efficient at burning fat.

10. Weakened immune system. Don’t try to push through that exercise funk, Talbott warns, “or you’ll keep sliding down—to a weakened immune system, inflammation, and outright injury.” Not a good thing. Prolonged overtraining can take weeks, even months, to recover from, and can put your health at risk. Chronic inflammation, for example, has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Bottom line: Nurture your body and give it a much-deserved break when it needs to rest after that tough workout.

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Harry Dent Oct 2009 Economic Update

I dont like writing about negative situations in the economy because I think we get enough of it in the media and from our bureaucrats.

This Video of Harry Dent giving his opinion of the economy of the future is one that I happen to agree with.

This is the reason that I am urging people to start looking at their debt. Your job may be secure- or not. You maybe looking at a rosy future financially – maybe.

In any case I urge you to look at your lifestyle, make some adjustments start reducing your debt. This is a safety net for the future.

I personally believe that we have only just had a taste of what is to come in the way of a recession. I want American people to be prepared. To be on the upside of their finances not the down side. Start making some sacrifices now not when it is, maybe too late. Have some cash put aside.

In this video Mr Dent is talking about 2011 when things will get really tough. Suze Orman, I have heard her say that 2015 will be when things may start getting better. So even though the economist say that we are on our way to recovery I think we need to prepare ourselves if it isnt.

Lets start being Frugal, Start saving, Start cutting back on some of the extravagances of our lifestyle.
Some have already been forced to make financial adjustments, thats ok, in my opinion it is better now than later.

Anyway enough of my opinion, take a listen and make up your own mind about what he has to say.

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