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Smoothies To Give You That ‘Up and Go’🏃🏻‍♀️

I got these recipe’s from the Dr Oz show. I did not get the qualities accurately so its a bit of a guess.

Brain Boosting

1 tsp Flax seed
1 tsp Wheat germ
1/2 cup Yogurt,
1/4 cup Spinach
1/2 Apple
1/4 cup Orange juice


1/4 cup Strawberries
1 tbs Avocado
1/4 cup Almonds
cup Vanilla Almond Milk
tsp Dark Cocoa Powder

Start to the Day

1 cupYogurt
1/4 cup Jicama
1/4 cup Banana
1/4 cup Pineapple
1/2 cup Almond Milk
tbs Rolled oats
tsp Ginger

Spirulina Smoothie

1 cup Yogurt
tsp Spirulina
Cup Spinach
1/2 lime juice
Honey Dew Melon
Coconut water

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On The Road Again

Well I am heading back ‘Down Under’ again so will loose a day in my life but of course when I come back I will gain a day so nothing will be lost. I love to go home and see the family but I do miss Texas and the great long fantastic motorcycling roads. I will miss my bike as well although I have another in Australia. I will be riding from Queensland to Melbourne to see my son so I will be looking forward to that as I have not been on a long ride in Australia as yet so will be an adventure.
I would say it will probably be a week or so before I get back into blogging on my site again. I will be visiting with my Mother in NZ for two months while my Brother is in Europe. New Zealand is one of those countries that is not so consumer orientated like many and I find all sorts of interesting information in their magazines and newspapers and of course the people I meet. I will of course pass them on to you, the reader. I am about to embark on another book and this will be recipes. I love eating and I love cooking.

I am about to publish a book on all my ‘Poem Fridays’. That will be in a eBook form. Just waiting for the finer details to be finished.

Talk to you soon

open road

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How To Make A Great Smoothie

I make a smoothie most days and always open to new recipes and ideas. There are a couple of newbies in this info gram that I am going to try. Thought I would share with you.

How to make a smoothie superskinnyme.com:how-to-make-a-smoothie.html

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Natural Air Fresheners – But weird!

1. Vodka – Ethyl alcohol, found in vodka and other spirits, is a main ingredient in most commercial air fresheners. Vodka will get rid of any smelly, musty odors and the good thing it contains no harmful ingredients like the commercial varieties of air fresheners. Plain vodka leaves no odor as it dries and you can spray it directly into the air. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give it a nice fragrance. [ I am not sure about this one as it seems a waste of good vodka but you can buy some real cheap vodka that will do the job and a bottle may not be as expensive as the commercial air freshener]

2. Cat Litter – If your closet, your basement, attic has a musty or smelly odor go get some cat litter. Look for the cat litter that has the main ingredient of diatomaceous earth. It is a naturally occurring mineral that among its many wonders absorbs odors, absorbs moisture and kill pests that come in contact with it. If you cannot find cat litter that contains the diatomaceous earth  then go buy then just go buy the earth from a garden supply store or online [Planet Natural].

3. Coffee – Is a natural odor remover.  You can use fresh or used grounds, but if going with used, let them dry out a bit first. You can place them in a bowl or in a coffee filter and put them in the area where there is the unpleasant odor. You can put them in an old stocking and hang them in your closet. Hey if you don’t drink coffee, most Starbucks will give you their ground coffee for free.

4. Palm Trees – Doing some renovating in the house and have those toxic smells going on? Palm trees used as houseplants are very effective air purifiers, known to remove formaldehyde, which lurks in paints, furniture finishes, and the glues used to hold pressed wood and particle board together. I believe Dwarf date, bamboo, areca, lady, or parlor palm varieties are the ones to look for.

5. Your very presence – Now this is a weird one to me, but researches say they have studied it and come up with positive results. Your skin – the oils in your skin, dead skin flakes act like natural air purifiers, say researchers from Denmark. in the most recent issue of Environmental Science & Technology, one of the most common oils in skin, squalene, reduces levels of the indoor pollutants that can cause asthma attacks. After comparing levels of ozone in a day-care center’s indoor air with the amount of squalene from skin flakes in its dust, the researchers determined that dead skin flakes can reduce ozone levels anywhere from 2 to 15 percent. Amazing but not appealing to me.

6. Make your own cleaning odor eaters – white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and borax, all of which are also natural odor removers. Recipes for making your own natural cleaning mixtures.

7. Cinnamon and Cloves  – If the house has not got that fresh odor about it when you walk inside at the end of the day then try boiling cinnamon sticks and cloves in a cheesecloth bag. Another idea if you have not got any cinnamon sticks or for that matter cloves try  spiced tea bags. Put several bags in a pot to make sure the smell permeates .


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