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Wise Words

If you have read Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” you will understand these words better. Great book. Have give away many of this book. Some have loved it some found it hard to read. Its a book that will gel if the time is right for you
You can get this book on Amazon

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My Favorite Spiritual Teacher

Eckhart Tolle has a Book called the “New Earth – Awakening to your lifes Purpose”. It is a book everyone should read.

Now you will probably read this one a few times till you grasp it.

I got these from the oprah site. Will put some more up tomorrow as I think these three will be enough to absorb at the present.

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Did You Know – 07/11/2016

Closeup of Cocoa Powder on spoon.

Closeup of Cocoa Powder on spoon.

1. Cocao is the ‘In’ thing. According to the news site Ozy.com Fancy cocktails and illicit substances are not so ‘Hip’ anymore. The party goers are opting for a healthier solution to get that ‘High’. Those looking for that lift across the globe are drinking eating and even snorting the sweet stuff while getting their groove on to the music.
According to Ozy.com at a monthly dance party in Berlin, cocoa is mixed with hone, cinnamon and agave syrup and offered in vats to the revellers.Cacao pills are also being popped at substance-free gigs in London and New York. In Belgium you can take a whiff of powdered chocolate mixed with ginger, raspberry and mint.
You may ask why? – Cacao boosts serotonin, releases endorphins, relaxes muscles and stimulates the brain.
Source – Body and Soul – Sunday Mail Australia – July 10


2. Eating Fat will not make you put on weight A new study published in the journal the “Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology found that people following a diet high in healthy fats lost more weight than those who reduced their fat intake overall.
This of course is nothing new but is still hard for people to understand how this works and of course still gets sucked in to the ‘Fat Free’ advertising. Let loose guys it tastes good too.
There is an exception avoid the pork belly and provolone as they are not considered the good fat.
That is sad as they are two of my favorite foods.


3. 50% of Australians don’t know how to pronounce quinoa correctly. I bet that figure is the same in most countries. They figure 16% say “Kin-oa” and 9 % who say “Key-noa” think it is the correct way. If you have read this article then you will know next time you are asked it is “Keen-wah”. Don’t ask me how they get that out of that word but that is why the english language is so hard to learn. I am glad I don’t have to learn it.


4. The best part of our fruit and vegetables are thrown away. Studies now show that you should be eating those cores, skins, stalks because nutritionally they are the best parts.


5. Signs that you are a “Worry Wart” are disturbed sleep patterns – Falling ill while on holidays – Moodiness, such as anger, or sadness – you have become a perfectionist and fear failure.
In 5 steps you can worry less
1. A trigger is forecasting something negative. You are worrying about something that does not even exist yet and never will. When this happens to you say to yourself that “Worry does not help and is imaginary”. If you say it enough it will help.
2. Be aware when this worry thing kicks in. You feel a panic come over your body, your breathing becomes shallow, you frown, you become tense. If you are listening to your body you can do something about it. Breathe deep and exhale slow and be mindful of how your body is reacting to worry.
3. Challenge the accuracy of your information. Share it with a professional. Try to be in the present and be aware of the beautiful things around you. Enjoy the moment.
4. Cortisol is the fuel for worry. Keep it low. Exercise, eat well and get plenty of sleep if you can.
5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Try to be very clear on your purpose in life and don’t let the media, tv, or a negative friend influence your thoughts. I know from experience that a negative friend can be very draining so try to change the subject from anything that is not a positive though and have a laugh its the best remedy for anything.

“If you don’t do different nothing will change”

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Best Buy Wednesday Book – A New Earth


A New Earth – Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose

Written by Eckhart Tolle –

I read  this book about two years ago. It was a time in my life where I was questioning the lack of contentment  and my real purpose in what I was doing.

I have read this book cover to cover, got all sorts of tabs hanging out of it and it looks well worn. I have this book next to my bed and when I am losing control of the things that really matter I open it up so that I can get back on the straight and narrow again. It puts my life and my present time back into perspective again.

I have given this book to a few people who I have,  to be honest found it a bit hard going. I am a great believer in when the time is right the right message will come your way easily. It can come  in many forms and for me its usually in a book or someone I chance to meet.

When the time is right they will read this book some day. It will make you think out of that little box we live tend to in and in my case give you peace.

Some are not ready for what this book has to say, but when they are their life, anxieties, problems will take a different turn.

I found at times I had to re – read some of his sentences to understand where he was going. It is a total change of thought pattern that can only eventually enhance your life and how you live it.

You may have heard of his other books ‘The Power of Now‘ and ‘Stillness Speaks‘. I read the ‘Power of Now‘ many years ago and that was also an excellent book .

Get this book for your library, you may not read it now but you will eventually if you want to expand your life to a different level.





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