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Did You Know – 07/24/2018


1. Most Australians will know this but some won’t: What is the original name of QANTAS : – Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services


2. Baking Soda, a pantry staple has now new and healthy claims. US researchers suggest baking soda can encourage the spleen to promote an anti-inflammatory environment.  It is thought to reduce the inflammation of the autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Puppy Love at its best – The Arizona State University study found it was no coincidence that when puppies are at their most vulnerable is when they are most appealing to humans.  Naturally in the wild at eight weeks they are weaned from their mother and have to fend for themselves. Researchers suggest that this could explain how dogs have evolved to rely on human care.


4. Swaying the hip – It is believed that women who sway their hips while walking increase their attractiveness by 50%.


5. You are unable to see all the dots in this illusion at once. It is hard for the human eye to process peripheral information, so the brain guesses to fill in the gaps. In this case it settles on intersecting gray lines instead of the 12 black dots

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Golden Retriever Puppy Gives Himself a Bath

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Puppy Surprise and Sheds Tears

Tears but makes you smile

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Soul Mate In A Puppy

I just love this video. Reminds me when Moms dog Charlie when he first came home. Life changed a bunch.
This is so heart warming and delightful. I want one.

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Budweiser You Have Done It Again – Puppy Love!

I believe this is the most beautiful video I have seen in a long long time

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Puppy Christmas

This is so cute, so beautiful

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Poem Friday 07/22/2011 – She Is So Cute She Can Have My Jessica Simpson Shoe

You can Have My Jessica Simpson Shoe
Author – Lesley Voth

I should know better, never to say never
Never a small dog for me, that is for sure, Ever!

Only a Border collie or Irish setter
A big dog for me, oh yes, so much better

Well guess what, I have had to eat my words, and change my mind
This new puppy called Charlie has stolen my heart, I find

Just look how sweet she is with my Jessica Simpson shoe
I have a tolerance I have never experienced, or even knew

She is very smart and She is sharp as a tack
The time spent with her she gives a lot back

With the knowing of a reward, she has learnt to sit already
Only three months old her learning is quick and steady

My Brother and I bought this puppy for my Mum
She is 93, lives on her own and a little lonesome

We are both sure we have done the right thing
Because so far great pleasure she, Charlie does bring

My Mums face and demeanor lights up
At the sight and the play of this little pup

Charlie, she will spoil you rotten
All that loneliness hopefully forgotten

On Mums lap she is comfortable and snug
In the evenings she sleeps in her den on a sheepskin rug

Oh yes it is a beautiful and loving sight
To see that contentment, both of them, it looks so right

She has a great nature and very aware
Beautiful big eyes and a ‘I love you’ stare

Well Charlie you have a good home
No need for you to go stray or roam.

You are beautiful and I love you to bits
And that Jessica Simpson shoe, you can have it, if it fits.

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How Cute Is This « Puppy Love

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