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Invitation to The Prime Minister Of Australia and Co From Gus Greenaway

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You Can Tax Us But Not Our Humor!

As you can see they certainly ‘stick it’ to the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard over, overtaxing the population in Australia for any form of pollution, the so-called ‘Earths carbon emissions’ and the expense of Wind and Solar power. The Australians get basically get taxed for breathing – well almost. Take heed America, look at what you are in for.





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Happy Birthday Rachel « Featuring Hugh Jackman and the Prime Minister of NZ

This is a video that touched my heart and I am sure will touch yours.
Kristen Anderson was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and in appreciation of his wife he made a video for her Birthday.
His wife Rachel is a New Zealander, he had the Prime Minister of New Zealand make a Cameo appearance in her honor. Her favorite actor is Hugh Jackman and Hugh also participated in the video.

It is very beautiful. Good on you Kristen, I am sure she feels loved.

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