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Need A New TV? – Best Time To Buy Now!

There has been a major price cut on flat screen TV’s from now until the end of Black Friday. The price cut in some stores are as much as 40% from a year ago.
Retailers are focusing on deals for the bigger size TV rather than the extra’s like 3D.
The stores are offering free shipping also.

On an average 32″ TV’s are selling for $199 and 40″ around $300 and 46″ between $375 and $400.
I noticed that Walmart had a 40″ TV advertised for $248. Now that is a good deal.

You can also go to Dealnews.com and shop for more deals.

When you buy a new TV do not be tempted or persuaded to buy the extended warranty, it has been proven to be a waste of money for a reliable product like the TV’s of today.

So if you are in need of a new TV now is the best time to purchase one.

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Gallon of Gas vs. Gallon of Other Liquids

Because of the price of fuel at the moment we looking at a higher cost to fill our vehicles. It all seems rather depressing until you actually look at what we are paying for other items by the gallon.

This is an infographic shows that maybe our fuel costs are not that bad.

Source: Abmuku.com

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Plan Your Funeral Then get on With Living!

Hey it happens to everyone. This is something that happens to us for sure. It is wise to pre arrange your funeral if possible. It not only relieves the burden on the family it gives them peace of mind in their time of grief. ( Well we would like to think they are grieving).

First Thing to do

Find an experienced and hopefully caring funeral director who can guide and advise you to get it right. Find out the costs discuss your wishes for the funeral.

There may be religious and cultural considerations to plan for. Location, Music, coffin style, flowers (if any), what sort of service you would like and how long.

Make sure you notify your legal representitive and also one of your family members and make sure they know the location of your legal documents.

Keep a copy of your wishes at the funeral directors office and a copy to the family.

Funeral Bond.

You can set aside an investment which can be held in trust and goes towards funeral expenses when needed.

Fixed Price Funeral plan.

This covers your full funeral expenses, guaranteeing the price of the funeral at todays rates. No more to pay.

Now that you have all this planned and in place go woop it up. Live every minute of it.

Do different then everything will change


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To Get the Best Price for Your Jewelry

Joe Brandt
J.L. Brandt Company Inc.

What you need to keep in mind when selling your jewelry…

Appraisals or bills of sale have little bearing on the price you’ll get when selling. Generally, you won’t get more than “scrap” value.

Take each item to several places that buy jewelry and get competing offers. Try pawnshops, especially when selling gold. Most jewelers do not buy used jewelry.

To get more money, sell to an individual (such as to a friend or relative) through a private sale — you might get as much as 50% of retail.

Sell through eBay. This is reasonably safe if done carefully and if you use a third party, such as PayPal, to handle the financial transaction.

Note: Protect valuable jewelry from being stolen before you can sell it by storing it in a hard-to-find place, such as a hollowed-out book. Never use a jewelry box on your dresser. That should be reserved for costume jewelry only — if anything is stolen, it will probably be that box.



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