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Poem Friday – What Ever You Do Don’t Let Texas Be Blue

I have not done a Poem Friday in some time but I needed something like what is going on in this Country to get me off my posteria and write, because I can. Its about ” Seeing something and saying something.”


The Great State Of Texas proudly blood Red

Economically wealthy and successful and the best is ahead


Proud of their President, their Flag and the American Flag to

Proud of their history, the heritage, there hospitality genuine and true

They love and show great respect for their vets and military men

For those who fought for USA they will always stand up and defend

I have always been so impressed when they take time to shake their hand and  personally comend


I know the wealth and beauty of this State is the envy of many 

The door should be open to those who share this pride not just any


Those from the States  and cities that are blue

Stay there, clean up their mess,  get your politicians to work as they should do


They appear to be unhappy, mean, and vicious it seems

It appears that they have lost their  spirit and their American Dreams


The blues cause unrest, bringing the ‘Reds’ down in their sights

This State is a great state with no need for anti establishment fights


It does not need the face covered Antifas, climate changers, destroying property into the nights

Freedom of speech as it should be  is a Texans right


Texas they have the right constitutionally to bear Arms

They need Guns to protect themselves, their land and their Farms


So Blues if you come to Texas to stay

You need to think about changing to red and live the Texan way


I am neither a Republican or Democrat in fact I  live in Australia that is true

I stay in Texas for the months that they allow and leave when due

But I have to say be careful  and “What ever you do don’t let Texas be Blue”




Go Vote for your President you need him and he needs you





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From A Woman With Curves!

Because I am little curvy myself I rather like this Poster from the Facebook page of Sexcigarsbooze.com


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How We Get Sold Some Crap!

This poster I thought was amazing. When this advert was first published I am sure most people would have believed it and were quite happy giving the kids this sugary drink.
I loved the bit where it said that the kids would stand a much better chance of gaining ‘acceptance’.
I am so glad we know better. “Don’t we?”

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Kitchen 101 – Volume Conversions

I dont know about you but I always find these charts extremely handy in the kitchen. When I saw this one I thought it was excellent and you can buy it if you want at http://chasingdelicious.com/kitchen-101-posters-now-for-sale-at-the-chasing-delicious-store/. They have it in a frame which looks quite nice.


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