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This Is An Amazing Transformation

This stuff works. This family should be very proud of themselves. I have just been introduced to the product by ‘Isagenix’ and so far have been very impressed. If you have a weight problem or just want to lose a few pounds or kilo’s take a look and read up about it. I believe this to be the one thing that will work for you.

Great story.


“One year ago, Michelle and I started our life-changing journey. Unsure at the time if we would like it or even see results, we were willing to say yes and give it a try. It took us less than a week to realize that Isagenix was the lifestyle we desperately needed. I still can’t believe the outstanding positive changes it has brought to our lives in the past year.

What started out as a way for me and Michelle to improve our own health and wellness has created a ripple effect throughout our entire family. Our daughter, Paige, joined us in January, followed by our son, Zane, who hopped on the health train a month later. I can say without a doubt that

we’ve had many meaningful family experiences simply because we decided to make a long-term commitment to the system. ⠀
This new lifestyle has changed our children’s lives in so many positive ways. I can see they have more confidence, self-esteem, energy, and enthusiasm as well as a willingness to pursue things they have never done before. To date, they’ve tried hiking, kayaking, and running, and we all have gym memberships now, too!

It’s not about weight loss anymore. Reinventing our quality of life was an unexpected effect that has become the sustainable goal. We’ve easily adjusted our mindset to ‘eating to live, not living to eat,’ and collectively, we are down more than 330 pounds!* Our family is always happy and excited to share our experience with anyone who wants to learn how to make a change.”


For more information you can go to lesleyvoth.isagenix.com or davidvoth.isagenix.com

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Positive Wise Words


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February 28, 2017 · 8:16 PM

Something Positive for today

Richard Branson: – One man I do admire for his tenacity, wisdom, and fearless courage, plus being very cheeky with life.


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Did You Know- 02/27/2017


1. When women gossip, their levels of the ‘Love Hormone’ oxytocin go up. This is according to researchers from the University of Pavia in Italy. This makes the gossipers feel closer to each other regardless of their mood or personality type. Another way of getting the Oxytocin shot is by giving your friend a hug. Now that is more positive I am thinking.



2. Garlic repairs glass cracks? yep amazing. If you have a glass with a hairline crack, try cutting a garlic clove in half and gently rubbing it against the cracks. The high concentration of sucrose compounds will act as an adhesive.






3. Most of us thought there was only 7 continents. Apparently not. Geologists are now arguing there is an 8th. ‘Zealandia’ consists of NZ and Caledonia. It could be known as the smallest continent of all. It is not official as yet but will be when enough scientists get on board.


4. A few times each year, thousands of fish meet up to for one giant ‘tuna tornado’ because they do most of their breeding outside their bodies. The tuna gather themselves into a living tornado of reproduction, which acts as a moving wall that encircles a protected space where they can release a large volume of egg and sperm all at once .



5. Some farmers feed their cows Skittles. The reason being candy, chocolate, cereal or molasses is a cheap substitute for corn. The sugar reportedly helps cows with digestion,, increase milk production and fattens up the beef cattle. Mars, inc sells their unused skittles to companies that melt them down and add them to livestock feed which is cheaper to buy than corn as corn at times is to high a price to be economical.


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Best Buy Wednesday Books – Man’s Search For Meaning

I first heard about this book when the lead singer from ‘ColdPlay’ was being interviewed on ‘Ellen and a few days later Jimmy Fallon also mentioned he had just read this book while he was recouping from his injured finger. They both said it was a book that had a very positive impact.
So I bought it as this is the type of book I like to read.

I have just finished reading it and it is very compelling. Its not a big book it is only 165 pages so won’t take long to read. I believe each person will take away some thing different from this book.
 It is one that everybody should have in their library.

This book has been around for some time and is a riveting story about the life in the Nazi death camps and the spiritual lessons for their survival. Lessons that we can use today and how we choose to handle difficult times in our lives. It was first published in 1959 and been read by thousands.

Buy From Amazon


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Did You Know – 01/19/2015


1. 24% Is the percentage by which purchases of empty calorie desserts, such as cakes, pastries, and doughnuts, dropped between 2005 and 2012 according to a US study


2. According to the Journal Positive Psychology ’11’ is the average number of weeks it takes for someone to get over a break-up.


3. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, When you lose weight 84% of the fat lost turns into carbon dioxide and leaves the body through the lungs. The remaining 16% becomes water and leaves the body through sweat, tears and urine


4. Research shows that when a woman is most fertile her voice alters subtly and the change is enough to let a guy know its a great time for you to reproduce.
Its all down to hormonal changes that accompany a woman’s menstrual cycle. Research at James Madison University in the US involved study participants listening to recordings of women’s voices. It revealed an increase of 20% in electrical activity in participants skin and a 5 percent increase in heart rate, when a woman was at peak fertility. The changes took place within five seconds of hearing her voice, long before the listener was aware of it.


5. Danish scientists have discovered that those with blue eyes have just one ancestor. Apparently a genetic mutation took place somewhere between 6000 and 10,000 years ago that led to the existence of every blue eyed person walking on the planet today.
“Originally we all had brown eyes” University of Copenhagen professor Hans Eiberg says. “But a genetic mutation affecting the OCA2 gene in our chromosomes resulted in the creation of a ‘switch’ which literally turned off the ability to produce brown eyes”. The switch reduced melanin production in the iris, and DNA testing shows this happened at the same point for everyone with blue eyes, while people with brown or green eyes show a lot more variation in that part of their DNA

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10 Ways To Be A More Positive Person

You know sometimes life throws you a curve that you find difficult to handle. It drags you down and you really want to be over it, move on to something more positive.
Sometimes an article will come before you,  be in your face. It happens often when you are asking yourself some poignant questions.

If you are listening and aware you will get an answer that may help.
Maybe you are feeling a little low  or curious about what is happening in your life.

Being positive is one way to overcome any feelings that you are not comfortable with.

This article has 10 suggestions and one extra from me.

They are simple suggestions but sometimes we need to be reminded.

1. Open Yourself to the possibility of a new Reality.

2. Re-establish your priorities.

3. Learn to cope with change

4 Surround yourself with positive people

5. Broaden your perspective

6. Do something you love every day.

7. Offer to serve others.

8. Stay Organized

9. Get up and move.

10. Forgive yourself.

11. Build a core support circle to help.

To read the full article.


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How Lucky Can You Be.

I found this article written by Wendy Champagne for the magazine Nature & Health. I thought it was an excellent article especially for this time of the year.
Christmas can be a lonely time for some and especially if there is financial difficulty, it can be rather depressing. It can only be this way if you let it be.
Here are 10 ways to change your attitude and “Luck”. If you are, in what you think is an unfortuneate situation, read them, study them and make the changes and see the difference it will make.

1. Open Windows.” Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” Ancient roman Seneca. Lucky people are more aware and notice windows of opportunity and seek them out.

2. Relax. Personality tests show that unlucky people are more tense and anxious than their lucky counterparts. Wiseman explains that stress makes it harder for us to notice the unexpected, and we miss opportunities

3. Go with your instincts. Hunches and gut feelings and first impressions – Get to know them and trust them.

4. Be a glass half – full person. Lucky people believe their future is bright. In time that expectation becomes a self – fulfilling prophecy. This also helps to persist in the face of failure. Look for the good and you will find it. Look for the bad and you will find that too. Its up to you.

5 Keep busy. Luck seems to diminish in procrastination and inefficiency. Luck is an active principle attracting it requires the same in us.

6. Turn obstacles into opportunities. Lucky people spontaneously imagine how things could have been much worse, they don’t dwell on negatiaves and they take control of bad situations. They believe there is something much better around the corner for them.

7. Give and you will recieve. Emerson wrote “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself”. It is a positive deal between you and the Universe.

8. Grace and gratitude. Gratitude in life brings blessings. Yogis say that gratitude is divine acceptance of all that is. Practice gratitude and find grace in our lives. Write down at least 1 -5 things to be grateful about each day.

9. Shake things up. Lucky people continually make changes. Break routines, bust out of ruts. Take a different way home from work you may experience something new and exciting.

10 Stay positively Sceptical. Having a rational view of luck in your life may be the key to making it happen adds Wiseman. Shakespeare said “There is nothing good or bad on earth but thinking makes it so”

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Chief Happiness Officer.

I have just found this website which I think I would call it “A Good Attitude Website”

Its not selling heaps of stuff. It has some good positive websites to go to for blogging and job information. It also asks for your input which is also a good thing. On a scale of one to Ten I give it an 8.

With our jobless increasing by another 514,000 this week. (figures from fox News this morning) we need to get as much positive information that we can so I recommend you check this site out.


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